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Dear Dr. Piazza:

I can’t thank you enough for your incredible support. Without your deep and heartfelt concern for those less fortunate, we would not have been able to close the gap in our revenue for 2003.

We give special praises to God for answering our prayers, because after Thanksgiving it looked like we were further away than ever from what we needed to raise by December 31st. the year 2003 was a difficult one for both our National Member Service Center here in our nation’s capital and the hundred of local Catholic charities agencies we serve.

Throughout the year I know Father Hehir shared some of the new challenges that have been mounting for Catholic Charities. Even though Father has now moved to another ministry the reports are still the same. All over the country, I hear the same message from local Catholic Charities agencies…”show us how to serve more people with fewer resources…what can we do?”

Our economic recovery has been uneven and this means thousands of families are going without the basics of food, clothing and affordable housing. Nearly 60% of local Catholic Charities agencies report increases in need – the three most critical items were 1) greater need for food services; 2) health aid and assistance to at-risk populations in urban and rural areas; and 3) basic needs like clothing and help with soaring utility and medication bills.

I hope you take great heart in your role here with the National Membership Service Center. Your gifts are what makes our work possible. And in turn, our work supports and enhances the efforts of local Catholic Charities agencies on behalf of people with nowhere else to turn. We put God’s directive to serve the least of our brethren without regard to race, religion or economic status into action.

I am pleased to enclose your copy of our Catholic Charities USA winter newsletter – the first of the new year. Don’t miss the first page article which will give you a full report. Also take a look at page three with some new ways to become involved, if your time and talents allow. And don’t miss our new feature on the life and writing of St. Vincent de Paul, patron saint of charitable societies.

I hope you and your family were blessed over the holidays and will continue to be in the New Year. Thank you again for your compassion and support.

Most sincerely,

John Keightley
Vice President

P.S. Please include us in your prayers as Catholic Charities strives to serve its member agencies more efficiently than ever before. So much depends on the guidance and leadership that we offer to our local members.

P.S.S. I’ve enclosed two reply forms – one for you to return today and the other for later, if you can manage. Thanks again for whatever you are able to send. God Bless.



Dear Dr. Piazza:

Catholic Charities USA gratefully acknowledges your generosity and commitment to our work. Your contribution enables us to support local Catholic Charities agencies as they provide the vital social services for people in need.

Catholic Charities USA’s network of 1,640 agencies and institutions nationwide provide help and create hope for more than nine million people each year regardless of religious, social, or economic backgrounds. Thanks to your recent gift, we can ensure that Catholic Charities agencies continue to be successful in their mission of supporting families, reducing poverty and building communities.

As the cold weather approaches, your care and concern for the least among us are greatly appreciated and needed. For all the lives your act of charity will touch, thank you again.

Sincerely yours,

(Rev.) J. Bryan Hehir



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