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Women of Substance

Dear Dr. Ignatius Piazza,

The tremendous challenge of caring for the broken has never been greater. It is with great concern that I share with you some information about abuse. Business is booming in the Domestic Violence industry. With the multitude of wars, economic weakness, and family abuse there are more women and children in dire need than ever before. While terrorism is at its peek globally let's be reminded that Domestic Violence, for some, is terrorism within their own home.

Also many individuals and companies who have supported us in the past are not donating from their funds due to the economy of today. Although we are completely understanding, the lack of giving has left many nonprofits such as ours hoping and praying about meeting our budget obligations. This is why we are so grateful to you and your donation to us. You understand the work we do and the very present need for the funding to do it.

This organization has been incorporated for 6 years and this is the first year we are coming dangerously low in finds and it is also the first year we have made such a significant difference in individual lives. With the support of our donors, we are able to literally save the lives of those in abusive homes and through your generosity we can continue to adhere to the work at hand.

We humbly ask for you to consider becoming a monthly partner so we can continue to go on with our quest of healing the wounded. Without our monthly partners, we will struggle to meet the needs of the hurting.

Enclosed is a Monthly Partner form. If you are interested, please fill it out and return it to WOS so you can be part of the very important work we do.

Women of Substance is truly honored that you have chosen us to be your vehicle to quell suffering and are always grateful for the essential role you play in carrying out our mission.

Very Warm Regards,

Mary M. Elberfeld