Front Sight Concealed Carry Permit Course

Concealed Carry Weapons Permits are not available in every state – yet. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada, wants to show you why CCW Permits are crucial for the law abiding citizens of the country. We, as Americans, should have the right to defend ourselves. Owning a gun is a great form of self defense, and it is awesome to have one in your house for protection, but not all attacks happen at home. Many attacks happen out on the street, where it is necessary to have a CCW Permit if you want to be carrying your weapon. If an attacker comes at us with a gun, why should we have to rely on other means to keep ourselves safe? It does not exactly seem like we are getting a fair chance at protection if the bad guy has a gun and we are denied the opportunity to have one, too. You may be thinking, “Well, if guns are outlawed, no one will be able to use a gun against me!” But, think about it. The criminal in our example IS an outlaw. Who is to say he won’t have a gun just because it is “illegal?” It is illegal to attack someone on the street, and he is still doing that! It is a good possibility that if someone is going to attack you, he is going to have a weapon in his hand.

Ignatius Piazza wants to share with you the story of Elliot Firby. You can see the full story at Mr. Firby was attacked by a man with a gun. The barrel of the shotgun was too close to his face for comfort. Luckily, Mr. Firby has a CCW Permit and had a gun in his pocket, so he was able to escape. If he did not have a gun, there is a good chance that Mr. Firby might not be here today to tell his story. Now you are probably thinking, “But no one has anything against me. I am just a normal person with no reason to be attacked.” So was Mr. Firby.

There are currently several states that are considered “Shall Issue” states. This means that citizens in the state can own and carry a concealed weapon if they have the permit for it. Ignatius Piazza offers a 30 State Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Course at Front Sight. In Front Sight’s CCW Permit course, students learn everything they need to know about securing themselves a Concealed Carry Permit, even in the states that like to make it extremely difficult. Pair up Ignatius Piazza’s CCW Permit Course with one of Front Sight’s specialized gun training courses like handgun training, shotgun training or night gun training, and you will have the perfect recipe for self defense, no matter where you are! You and your family will finally be safe from viscous attacks at home and out in public. Call Front Sight today to check it out!

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