Front Sight – When Your Girlfriend Has Beef With You

January 22nd, 2010

You know how some people get in fights over silly things? I have written before about random acts of violence and how you need to protect yourself, even from the people you think you know. Some people get angered by things that we view as trivial, such as the time I talked about people getting killed over a line cutting incident. This time, a fifty three year old attacked her boyfriend when he told her he did not want a piece of sliced bread and that he would rather have a bread roll. Seriously. That actually happened. How did she attack him? She claimed to do this so he could “learn”… but she hit him in the head with a raw steak. Apparently it was a pretty bad hit, because he was offered medical assistance. The man that was hit is considered a disabled adult. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada wants you to know that it does not matter how old you are. It does not matter what size you are. It does not matter how much strength you have or do not have. Self defense training and gun training can benefit even the most feeble of people!

Through Front Sight’s gun training courses and self defense training courses, Ignatius Piazza teaches how to use a gun safely for self defense and how to use your own body to your benefit, no matter how much size and strength your attacker has on you. Students of Front Sight come from all walks of life and are not just your typical blue collar, conservative male who grew up shooting guns at tin cans and clay pigeons. Ignatius Piazza welcomes every law abiding citizen that has an interest in staying safe, keeping their personal freedoms and / or protecting their family. Front Sight offers gun training for women and gun training for professionals. Housewives, lawyers, and door to door sales people can benefit from Ignatius Piazza’s training. Ignatius Piazza even offers gun training for teens!

People have asked me, “Why are you going to write about a steak throwing incident? How does that have anything to do with self defense?” My reply? One – Like I have stated, Ignatius Piazza wants to show you that if a person with the strength of a sixty year old person was attacked by someone with the size and strength of a defensive line member of the San Diego Chargers, there is no reason that the weaker of the two cannot prevail. You just have to know the specific techniques to keep you safe, and Ignatius Piazza wants to teach them to you! Two – This is a case of domestic violence. Domestic violence is, sadly, not a rare occurrence. In today’s world, we need to learn how to protect ourselves even from the people we least suspect. Self defense training and gun training from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight will teach you how to protect yourself from domestic violence. Let Ignatius Piazza create a safer world for you. Call Front Sight.

If I Can’t Have a Gun… Why Should I Get Gun Training?

January 16th, 2010

College campuses, unfortunately, are places that do not allow people to use weapons for self defense. However, college campuses are pretty much breeding grounds for attacks. Many schools have those brightly colored emergency phones, but really, how long do you think it takes for campus security to respond to a call? And what if you are not near one of those telephones in the first place? Are you just out of luck? You do not have to be, if you get self defense training from Dr. Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Even if you are not allowed to have a gun or a knife on a school campus, this does not mean that your attacker will not have one. Actually, chances are, they will be armed. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training and knife training courses teach you things like how to disarm your attacker. Once you have successfully taken your opponent’s weapon, you will be happy that you have received your knife training and gun training from Front Sight, because you will know just what to do to escape from the situation.

Ignatius Piazza, a Four Weapons Combat Master, knows a great deal of information about weapons and weapons training. His knife training and gun training courses are far superior to the courses at other gun training schools in the world. Courses like defensive handgun training, gun training for beginners and advanced gun training will prepare you to protect yourself at the time of an attack. You should be especially aware of your surroundings if you are a college student who takes night classes. Walking to your car alone in the dark with no self defense training is a prime way to end up a victim. Walking to your car alone in the dark when you have had gun training from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight is a much better idea, as no attacker will stand a chance against you and your training. If your attacker is armed, as I said earlier, Front Sight’s weapons training will prepare you to disarm him and use HIS weapon for your own self defense. If you are lucky and he is unarmed, the courses at Front Sight will also benefit you, because you will learn self defense techniques that can be used whether or not you have a gun. The gun training at Front Sight is helpful, even in places where guns are banned!

Why let yourself be at risk? Why should you be afraid to walk alone to your car? Why allow someone to hurt you? You shouldn’t! You do not have to! Call Ignatius Piazza today and arrange for your gun training courses at Front Sight. You will be so happy that you called Front Sight when you see what great results you get. Ignatius Piazza will personally make sure that you get the best quality training possible, so that whenever you are in a sticky situation, you will have the advantage over your predator. If you are a college student, spend a weekend at Front Sight. It is so close to Las Vegas that you can be on the range during the day and on the strip at night. It is a great vacation for you and your friends! Check out Front Sight’s website today to see the gun training courses available. Don’t wait!

Front Sight Concealed Carry Permit Course

January 11th, 2010

Concealed Carry Weapons Permits are not available in every state – yet. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada, wants to show you why CCW Permits are crucial for the law abiding citizens of the country. We, as Americans, should have the right to defend ourselves. Owning a gun is a great form of self defense, and it is awesome to have one in your house for protection, but not all attacks happen at home. Many attacks happen out on the street, where it is necessary to have a CCW Permit if you want to be carrying your weapon. If an attacker comes at us with a gun, why should we have to rely on other means to keep ourselves safe? It does not exactly seem like we are getting a fair chance at protection if the bad guy has a gun and we are denied the opportunity to have one, too. You may be thinking, “Well, if guns are outlawed, no one will be able to use a gun against me!” But, think about it. The criminal in our example IS an outlaw. Who is to say he won’t have a gun just because it is “illegal?” It is illegal to attack someone on the street, and he is still doing that! It is a good possibility that if someone is going to attack you, he is going to have a weapon in his hand.

Ignatius Piazza wants to share with you the story of Elliot Firby. You can see the full story at Mr. Firby was attacked by a man with a gun. The barrel of the shotgun was too close to his face for comfort. Luckily, Mr. Firby has a CCW Permit and had a gun in his pocket, so he was able to escape. If he did not have a gun, there is a good chance that Mr. Firby might not be here today to tell his story. Now you are probably thinking, “But no one has anything against me. I am just a normal person with no reason to be attacked.” So was Mr. Firby.

There are currently several states that are considered “Shall Issue” states. This means that citizens in the state can own and carry a concealed weapon if they have the permit for it. Ignatius Piazza offers a 30 State Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Course at Front Sight. In Front Sight’s CCW Permit course, students learn everything they need to know about securing themselves a Concealed Carry Permit, even in the states that like to make it extremely difficult. Pair up Ignatius Piazza’s CCW Permit Course with one of Front Sight’s specialized gun training courses like handgun training, shotgun training or night gun training, and you will have the perfect recipe for self defense, no matter where you are! You and your family will finally be safe from viscous attacks at home and out in public. Call Front Sight today to check it out!

Ignatius Piazza Thanks Our Military

January 10th, 2010

The men and women in the United States Armed Services – who are they to you? These are people that defend my freedom and my life and most of them do not even know me. These are people who provide me with safety and protection from foreign invaders and many of them will never see my face. These are people who would die for me. These are people who HAVE died for me. They have died for you. And they will not ever stop these noble acts. The simple fact that they do not know you personally does not stop them from putting their lives on the line for you. Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute wants to personally thank each and every one of these brave heroes by offering them the chance of a lifetime. It is called the Front Sight Military Appreciation Lifetime Membership, and it is available exclusively to past and present military members and their families. Front Sight’s Lifetime Memberships are amazing gun training program memberships that offer huge discounts on gun training, Front Sight benefits and other member’s only perks. Front Sight’s Military Appreciation Lifetime Membership goes beyond the best deal Ignatius Piazza has ever offered before, as a special thanks to military personnel. Owners of the Front Sight Military Appreciation Lifetime Membership can attend Front Sight’s Two Day Defensive Handgun Training Course, Two Day Tactical Shotgun Training Course and the Two Day Practical Rifle Training Course as many times as they wish – for the rest of their lives! Not only that – but as a Lifetime Membership Owner, whenever you want to attend a Front Sight gun training course with Ignatius Piazza, there will be NO WAITING LIST! That means that you have guaranteed placement in your gun training courses, no matter how many other people want to take the course. Since Front Sight is the number one gun training school in the world, that benefit in itself is absolutely amazing. In addition to these and other Member’s only invitations and benefits, these military personnel will receive a free gun! And, as if that was not enough, Ignatius Piazza, also known as the Millionaire Patriot will personally donate $25 for every Military Appreciation Lifetime Membership that is sold to a fund for a man named David Hall, who spends more of his own time and energy honoring the lives of these incredible men and women. (You can learn more about David Hall and his touching story by visiting Ignatius Piazza’s personal blog at

Anyway, why might a person in the military want a Front Sight Lifetime Membership? Don’t they already have the world’s best gun training? Not necessarily. Countless men and women in uniform have attended Front Sight and left raving that they learned more from Ignatius Piazza than they did in boot camp, out on the field or in decades of military experience. Ignatius Piazza really offers the best gun training money can buy, hands down. So now that I have explained what owners of this new Lifetime Membership receive and I have expressed the caliber of Front Sight’s gun training, I guess it is time to go over what you really want to know – how much is this membership going to cost? Actually, I kind of think this is the best part. Keep in mind that it costs about one thousand dollars to attend one of the listed Front Sight gun training courses. Then add in that you can attend them however many times you want for the rest of your life. Then don’t forget to include the exclusive benefits and Front Sight parties. I’m not going to include the free gun in this equation because, well, it’s free. Anyway, if you add it all together, you’d probably expect to be spending several thousand dollars. However, just to express his thanks to the men and women of the military, Ignatius Piazza is making this offer available for under a thousand dollars! It is baffling to see this kind of deal anywhere, so be sure to inform your friends who are in the military. This is definitely an offer too good to refuse!

Success at Front Sight

January 6th, 2010

Some people love guns. They are comfortable holding them, shooting them and think they are just great. Others can’t stand to even be in a room with a gun. Still, others are indifferent and do not really care either way. No matter your position, the fact remains that knowing how to use a gun can help save your life and the lives of your loved ones. Just because you hate guns does not mean that an attacker is going to take that into consideration when approaching you and put his gun back in its holster. If someone comes at you with a gun, you have a few choices. You can run. You can get shot. Or you can disarm your attacker and escape safely. How do you expect to do that if you are not properly trained in gun use? Let me promise you right now, that no matter how scary you think guns are, with Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training program at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, you will soon stand confident and safe, unwavering in physical and emotional strength when your fingers are wrapped around a gun. Take it from Laurie, a stunned student of Front Sight. She hates violence of any kind. She was super fearful that something might accidentally happen with the gun in her house. Convinced by her husband, she attended Front Sight. On her first day, Laurie’s face was soaked with tears of fear. Yet, Front Sight’s gun training instructors took her under their wings and helped her through her anxiety. She knew that the current economy was putting stress on a lot of people, and there was a high risk of being attacked or robbed because people are on a quest to find money. She did it for her husband. She did it for her three year old grandson. But most of all, she did it for herself.

Laurie finished that self defense gun training course at Front Sight. Now, she is confident that should someone break into her home, she and her grandson will be safe, even if her husband is not there to protect them. Laurie is not Front Sight’s only success story. Thousands upon thousands of people each year receive unbeatable gun training from Ignatius Piazza and his team of highly trained gun training instructors. Every time, even the most apprehensive students are put at ease with Front Sight’s gun training program, because they are educated and trained in gun safety first and foremost. It is for this reason and several other reasons that Front Sight has grown to be the number one gun training school in the entire world. Where do you currently stand? Do you love guns or do you despise them? Either way, Front Sight can help you get the gun training that you need to protect yourself against the violent predators out there. Ignatius Piazza wants you to know that no matter how hesitant you are to use a gun, Front Sight can get you armed and trained into confidence. Call Front Sight today and become your own success story!