Front Sight’s Many Styles

February 23rd, 2011

Many, many years ago, I learned a fabulous thing about learning. I have always enjoyed learning, but I had begun to notice that I learned better from some teachers than I did from others. Why was this? Then I got placed into a class where the teacher explained the concept of learning styles. He explained that everyone learns in different ways, at different speeds and in different patterns. He chose to teach his class based on all of the learning styles: visual, audio and kinesthetic. I looked at my other teachers and realized that the classes I performed better in were the classes that practiced kinesthetic learning. I had friends who excelled in the classes that were purely lecture based, while I was less interested.

These three types of learning are based on seeing (visual), hearing (audio) and doing (kinesthetic). Since everyone learns differently, many people have found that the most productive courses are the courses that use all three types. The self defense gun training courses at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute use this idea very well. This results in better understanding and greater memory retention of a larger number of people, rather than catering to a select few. The gun training instructors at Front Sight were trained by founder and director, Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, to balance the Front Sight courses to include each type of learning.

First, the Front Sight gun training instructors provide informative lectures. They explain the concepts, the process of what the class is about to practice and create class gun training discussions. I am definitely not an audio learner, but I promise you, I was completely taken aback by the lectures at Front Sight. They were so interesting! I tend to get bored very, very easily during lectures and that did not happen once at Front Sight.

Next, visual learners are pleased to see that the Front Sight gun training instructors act out demonstrations. They do each demo more than once, encourage questions and discussions and talk their way through the demonstrations to ensure the highest benefit. When designing Front Sight’s gun training program, Ignatius Piazza made sure that instructors showed students how to use a gun safely and correctly, AND how to do it incorrectly, so they know what not to do. It is a great learning tactic and keeps everyone as safe as possible.

Many people find the kinesthetic aspect of Front Sight the most fun. This is when students actually get their hands on a gun and get to practice their newfound gun training techniques for real. They shoot hundreds of rounds, bit by bit, so they really get a feel for how to use a gun properly and effectively.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers the most well rounded self defense education I have ever experienced. The gun training instructors appeal to everyone, making sure everyone gets the same amount of attention and opportunity, and ensuring that students get the chance to learn in a way that suits them best, personally. Because of the many teaching styles found at Front Sight, Front Sight students always walk away with an educated understanding of the gun world, gun training and self defense.