AFS is one of the world's largest community-based volunteer organizations dedicated to building a more just and peaceful world through international student exchange. More than 10,000 students, young adults and teachers participate in AFS programs each year.


Dear Ignatius A. Piazza,

Thank you for your gift to the 2003 AFS-USA Annual Campaign.

Today the work of AFS is more important than ever. Our programs are at work to build and understanding throughout the world, one person at a time. AFS participants will see the world a little differently, be grateful for the things they never knew mattered, and be proud of what they have accomplished. With your help, AFS will continue its important work of building world peace by developing culturally perceptive and aware communities of young people, families, educators, and volunteers.

Your financial support is now more crucial to ensuring the continued success and growth of our programs. Your gift will allow us to build upon past successes by bolstering the strength of existing programs, creating new initiatives, and planning for the future. By contributing to AFS, you are helping us to create a more just and peaceful world.

On behalf of the students, families, schools and communities who benefit from the AFS mission and our programs, thank you for your heartfelt and crucial support.


Alex J. Plinio

Alumni, Parents, Host Families and Schools -- Evaluate AFS
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