From Ten to Tens of Thousands in Just a Few Years

What was once a small group of ten students in Bakersfield, California has morphed into one of the most influential organizations in the gun world today. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is known as the number one gun training school in the world, now located near Las Vegas, teaching tens of thousands of students a year how to safely and effectively operate a firearm. In addition to gun training, Front Sight also offers edged weapons training and empty hands self defense training, making the school a most ideal self defense training institute.

Founded and directed by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight was started in 1996 to help people get safe and stay safe, by learning gun handling techniques and self defense mechanisms that can be used anytime and anywhere. What has caused Front Sight Firearms Training Institute to grow from ten students to tens of thousands of students? Many aspects have contributed to this fact.

Front Sight is directed by a man who has an incredible amount of knowledge in the area of firearms. Being a Four Weapons Combat Master, Ignatius Piazza had to undergo thousands upon thousands of hours of gun training, weapons education and target practice, followed by more gun training. Few people in the world have achieved this high honor because a Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate is not easily attained. The process is long and brutal, and Ignatius Piazza was the second man in the world to do it.

Ignatius Piazza only hires gun training instructors who meet his personal standards of gun training. This means if an applicant does not measure up to Ignatius Piazza personally, that applicant simply does not get the position. For this reason, students of Front Sight are assured that their personal gun training instructor is among the best in the world. Front Sight instructors are highly versed in every area of gun training, including gun safety and customer service.

Front Sight employees truly LOVE what they do. They work weekends and holidays – and don’t mind it – because they share Ignatius Piazza’s dream to positively change the world. One phone call to Front Sight and it is quickly demonstrated that employees of Front Sight are caring and personable, intelligent and quick, dedicated and diligent. A staff can make or break a company, and the Front Sight staff definitely adds to the reason that the gun training school has been so successful.

The gun training curriculum at Front Sight is more complete than the curriculum at other gun training schools. Ignatius Piazza made sure to leave nothing out when designing his gun training program, so students of Front Sight are guaranteed to learn everything they need to know about gun use. Ignatius Piazza also offers personalizing options. Front Sight students can choose between a number of gun training and self defense training courses, such as rifle training, handgun training, knife training, night gun training, gun training for teens, gun training for women and personalized gun training, as well as several other courses. This means that Front Sight students have options, so they can be assured that they are learning what they need and want to learn, not necessarily what their neighbor wants to learn.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has been created to make the world a safer place. A lot goes into creating a successful company. Ignatius Piazza really nailed it with this one.

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