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Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the gun training school near Las Vegas, Nevada, has continually been a place where people find rest and comfort in the fact that they will soon be able to protect their families, as well as their own lives. Offering the highest quality gun training, knife training and other forms of self defense training, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has grown from only ten students to one of the most successful gun training schools in the world, training tens of thousands of students each year. Most companies that can say they have grown to this extent have been around for decades, but Front Sight has been open less than fourteen years! In April of this year, 2010, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute will celebrate its fourteenth birthday. A lot can happen, and has happened, in fourteen years! For example, thousands upon thousands of people have learned what it takes to use a gun safely for self defense by attending one of Front Sight’s famous gun training courses. Shotgun training, rifle training, handgun training and automatic weapons training courses and course varieties have taught even the most beginner of beginners how to properly and effectively use their weapon to escape from life threatening situations. Night gun training courses have helped students expand their gun training skills into even the most difficult of situations – when visibility is low or non existent. A Concealed Carry Weapons Permit course has taught students how to secure a CCW Permit, even in the states that like to make it as difficult as possible for law abiding citizens to carry a concealed weapon.

Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the man who founded Front Sight, puts much pride into the gun training school, along with his time, money and energy. The statistics of the gun training school demonstrate this. Due to this amazing effort of Ignatius Piazza, along with the superb gun training courses and the extraordinary gun training instructors, Front Sight has at least doubled in size every year since its opening almost fourteen years ago. The best part is, is Front Sight will celebrate its birthday knowing that it is on track to do it again! The numbers do not lie – Front Sight is the best place to receive gun training of any kind!

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the leader in the gun training world for good reasons. Time after time, students return to see Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight and take more gun training courses because of the wonderful experience that they had previously. It is a common thing for students of Ignatius Piazza to be overjoyed with their experience at Front Sight and return again. In fact, Ignatius Piazza knows this will happen and guarantees Front Sight, saying that if a student is not completely satisfied with his or her first self defense gun training course, he will pay for the course himself! Front Sight is a place students love. The awesome gun training, the professional gun training instructors, Ignatius Piazza, the welcoming atmosphere – they love it all.

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