The Front Sight Flame: From A Tiny Spark to a Blazing Fire

What would you do if your neighborhood was subject to a random and violent drive by shooting? Would you be able to protect your family? It is easy to gain the skills to protect your loved ones, even in horrible, life threatening situations, at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada. The gun training school, located within an hour’s drive from the famous city, offers superior gun training, knife training and other forms of self defense training every weekend for your convenience. The huge plot of land gives space for several gun training ranges, learning settings and even a developing community where many Front Sight Families will call home. Founder and director, Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, has big plans for Front Sight and will not stop researching, learning, working hard and improving the gun training school until he has not only reached his goals, but far surpassed them. By the time the Front Sight community is finished, it is going to be one of the most sought after places to live, due to its non existent crime and the family like bond among citizens.

What sparked the idea in Ignatius Piazza’s mind to create such a dynamic and powerful gun training school? The first strike of the match occurred in 1988, when his neighborhood was blasted with a drive by shooting. Appalled, Ignatius Piazza realized that even though he had guns and knew very well how to use them, he felt unprepared to protect his family in such an attack. The chiropractor knew he had to change something, so he started an intense program of gun training and education that made him realize one disappointing fact: Great Gun Training Is Nearly Impossible To Find. The head of the match began to glow with heat as he started conjuring up a crazy idea. Ignatius Piazza was going to make it possible for people like him to find the gun training they need, want and deserve. A spark was created, and then followed by a flame on the end of the match as the idea of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute started to brew.

Thousands upon thousands of hours of gun training later, in April of 1996, Ignatius Piazza put the match’s flame to a candle wick and opened the doors to Front Sight. Gun training courses like handgun training, automatic weapons training, rifle training and shotgun training were to be offered in four day, two day, one day and even half day courses to help people stay safe and save time. Since then, the Front Sight flame has not merely stayed steady – it has grown into a huge fire that has helped tens of thousands of people gain confidence, competence with weapons and a sense of safety that only the comfort of skill at arms can bring. Front Sight has come to be the world’s greatest place to receive gun training of any kind, and Ignatius Piazza plans to continue moving forward and up. Ignatius Piazza has set tons of people’s worlds ablaze with the life changing gun training courses offered at Front Sight. What started with a little spark has become a raging fire – and there is no end in sight.

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