Ignatius Piazza Helps You Keep Your Second Amendment Rights

In April of 1996, something happened that would change the world. It would make this a safer place for us to live, and offer clear explanations to one of the great controversies we have dealt with for decades.  This controversy is, at present time, our guaranteed right, as stated by the United States Constitution. However, as some people see it their job to rewrite something that has worked for us for centuries, our right to keep and bear arms just might be imposed upon sooner than we thought. I guess the words “shall not be infringed” don’t mean much to certain politicians.

For those of you who believe in your Second Amendment rights, Dr. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is working hard to help you keep them, and he is making it easy for you to help him help you. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has been training law abiding citizens for over fourteen years how to safely and effectively handle a gun to protect themselves and their loved ones. In every lecture at Front Sight, it is made clear why guns are a great tool for self defense. But to help us all keep our Second Amendment rights secure, it is important for us to know the opinions and beliefs of our opponents.

They are going to tell us guns are dangerous. There is no getting around it. Guns in untrained hands ARE dangerous. But a gun in the hands of someone who has had proper gun training can be a great tool of self defense, as proven time and time again. If someone breaks into your house and has a gun, you are going to need to protect yourself. The police are minutes away when your seconds count. Heck, the police aren’t even obligated to come help you! I bet gun control supporters didn’t know that. The court case Warren v. District of Columbia ruled that the police have no obligation to protect individuals. They are only obligated to protect society as a whole. Where is your protection if you can’t protect yourself? At the mercy of your attacker, that’s where it is.

They are going to tell us that gun accidents happen. This is why Ignatius Piazza makes sure to fully train each and every student that enters Front Sight on gun safety. Gun safety is the number one priority at Front Sight and the gun training ALWAYS focuses on it. If someone is properly trained, has their guns locked up in a safe place and has taught their children about what to do if they see a gun, the danger level is, again, significantly reduced. I cannot stress enough that guns in trained hands are an incredible safety tool!

They are going to tell us that crime reduces when gun control increases. Really? So, is outlawing guns going to cause bank robbers, rapists and gang members to hand over their guns to authorities? If they truly believe that this is what will happen, I will greatly lose faith in society. Drugs are illegal. Do people still do them? Stealing is illegal. How many people do you know that steal music on a regular basis? Outlawing guns will only disarm the law abiding citizens. And, it’s a fact that a criminal is more likely to attack an unarmed person than an armed one. Why would a rapist try to rape a gun toting woman?

Gun control does not mean crime control. All it does is put us at danger and infringe upon our freedoms. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight are making it easy for you to learn more about keeping your Second Amendment rights. Signing up for Ignatius Piazza’s free newsletter and free gun training reports is quick and easy. Forwarding these emails to your friends just takes a few clicks. The more people that are educated on gun training, gun safety and what gun control really is, the more likely we are to be able to retain our Second Amendment rights! Check out Front Sight today! Ignatius Piazza is going to do everything he can to help your mission.

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