Want More From Your Gun Training?

Have you taken one of the boldest, smartest and most exciting steps toward your future of safety yet? I am talking about participating in one of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute’s famous self defense gun training courses. Front Sight offers world class gun training by way of handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training and automatic weapons training, at affordable prices and on convenient schedules. Attending Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is a step that tens of thousands of law abiding citizens take each year, and their lives are always changed for the better. Founder and director, Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, offers high quality gun training and self defense training for those people who are serious about getting safe and keeping their families safe.

So, what if you have attended Front Sight a few times and have successfully completed Ignatius Piazza’s 4-Day Handgun Training, 4-Day Shotgun Training and/or his 4-Day Rifle Training Courses? Should you take the course or the courses again? Many people opt to! Students claim that Front Sight is so helpful and so much fun that they love returning to the gun training school and retaking the courses. I have been asked why people spend the money and take a course again. The line goes something like, “If you have already taken the course, you know everything that there is to know. Therefore, you do not actually need it again.” Well, how many times have you seen your favorite movie? Is it exciting each time you see it? Do you catch more lines and tiny tidbits every time? Do you remember more when you watch a movie three times or when you watch it once? Students of Ignatius Piazza see it this way. Every time they attend a Front Sight course, they have fun and learn new and exciting things. They pick up on things that they may have missed before. And their memory retention grows. These are just a few reasons why thousands of Front Sight Students participate in the Lifetime Membership Deals at Front Sight.

But what if you really just want something new and something to exaggerate your progress in the gun training world? Dr. Ignatius Piazza has created a continuation course called the 2-Day Tactical Scenarios. This is the course for students who have already completed the above listed courses and want to get even more skilled at facing real life dangerous scenarios. This course combines handgun training, shotgun training and rifle training. Students are able to use any weapon they have trained with at Front Sight and received a Graduate Certificate for.

This course is extreme and lifelike while remaining completely safe. It is described as being “as close to real gunfighting as anyone can make it without getting physically hurt.” Front Sight’s Tactical Scenarios Course will have you ready for absolutely anything in just two days! This course is going to be available to the public sooner than you think, so now is the time to apply! If you have not attended one of Front Sight’s 4-Day gun training courses and you wish to take advantage of this new and exciting opportunity, give Front Sight a call and come on in so you can be sure to have the prerequisites met before registration fills up!

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