How to Shoot Like a Sniper

Imagine yourself spending an exciting weekend, meeting new people, being close to Las Vegas, trying interesting things and learning how to save lives. Sound fun? Now imagine yourself walking away from that weekend, knowing that you can out shoot a police officer, a member of SWAT or an Army Sergeant. Did you have gun training experience before this weekend? It does not matter. Students who attend Front Sight Firearms Training Institute for a weekend self defense gun training course leave with shooting skills and gun handling abilities that surpass ninety nine percent of the gun owning population… and yes, this includes those people who use guns for a living.

Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founded Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in April of 1996. Since then, Front Sight has been the home of the world’s greatest gun training instructors who provide the best possible firearms training to law abiding citizens from all over the world. Ignatius Piazza created the gun training program at Front Sight very carefully. Before opening Front Sight and before becoming a Four Weapons Combat Master, Ignatius Piazza attended many of the most prestigious and best gun training schools available. The first disappointing fact about these schools was that they were hard to find. Ignatius Piazza searched and searched for what he was looking for and was frustrated to find that good gun training schools are practically hidden from the general public. Knowing that gun training is crucial to self defense and safety, he wanted to change that and make sure that normal people could get a hold of great gun training.

Disappointing fact number two: the gun training schools that Ignatius Piazza found were all pretty good, but they all had negative aspects. Whether the firearms training instructors were rude or information was difficult to learn or the courses were boring, there was always something that didn’t sit well with him. Ignatius Piazza took mental and physical notes on the wonderful parts and on the not so wonderful parts, and used them when he designed his gun training program at Front Sight. He included the good stuff. He threw out the bad stuff. This ended with a result of amazing and informative gun training taught through riveting lectures, intense shooting demonstrations and educational but exciting hands on tactical gun training… all taught by seasoned professionals who are interesting, fun and NICE. On top of that, Ignatius Piazza made this gun training easy to find and convenient to most people’s schedules. THEN he added other incredible staff members, so students feel comfortable and welcomed every step of the way. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

At Front Sight, students are given the greatest gun training money can buy. The courses are challenging and fast paced, but never leave anyone behind. Students emerge from a gun training course at Front Sight well versed in the art of gun training and shooting, and with skills that you have to see to believe.

You don’t have to be a sniper to shoot like one. Ignatius Piazza can make it possible.

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