Perfect Gun Training

Many people choose to practice their Second Amendment rights by owning a gun. I think this is a great thing, because I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. However, many of these people do not actually get trained in how to use their guns. They don’t get gun training because they think that owning a gun is enough. “I just own this just in case. The chances of me having to use it are so small.” “I’ve used guns for so long; I don’t need to go get professional gun training.” And my personal favorite: “If the situation called for it, I’d just know how to shoot well.”

Here’s what I say to those people. If the situation called for it, you’d be able to shoot well, eh? So, if someone had your sister in a headlock, was holding a gun to her head and was about to shoot her, you’d be able to raise your gun and shoot him, while completely missing your sister? If someone was running off, carrying your child, you’d be quickly able to stop him? If someone broke into your room in the middle of the night and pointed a gun at you in the darkness, you’d be able to beat him to the shot, even though you aren’t even holding your gun yet and can barely see him? The stress of any of these situations is going to greatly inhibit your shooting ability, not increase it. You are likely to miss your target, if you even get a shot at all. You can help improve your chances of escaping any of these life threatening situations, as well as others, by getting the gun training that can make you a perfect shooter.

The gun training instructors at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute do not aim to make you a good shooter. They aim to make you a perfect shooter, and they will tell you this time and time again. Through hours and hours of hands on tactical gun training, shooting demonstrations and thought provoking lectures, the Front Sight gun training instructors train their students to become better shooters than they could have dreamed, thus keeping them safer when the stress of a life threatening situation hits.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute was founded by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, in 1996. He created Front Sight to help real people survive real threats when a life depends on it. He, himself, had received countless hours of gun training by 1988 when his neighborhood was hit by a drive by shooting. Even though he was a great shot on the range, Ignatius Piazza realized that he lacked the skills to protect himself and his family from these thugs. So, he trained as hard as he could, got the knowledge and skills he needed to be a Four Weapons Combat Master and created a place where people could learn how to do the same. Today, Ignatius Piazza directs Front Sight, where people from all backgrounds can learn how to protect themselves and their families, because no one should ever have to feel the way that Ignatius Piazza felt on the day of that drive by shooting.

After your first self defense gun training course with Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight, you will know that when the stress hits, so will your bullets.

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