Front Sight: Girls Can Kick Butt, Too!

When you have made the decision to learn how to use a gun for self defense, why would you get your gun training from anywhere other than the best? Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers the world’s best gun training that money can buy. This fantastic gun training school is miles and miles ahead of the game when it comes to teaching gun safety, shooting speed and shooting accuracy. Just a few days with the professional gun training instructors at Front Sight will leave you handling a gun better than ninety nine percent of the gun owning population.

Founder, Director and Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, designed Front Sight Firearms Training Institute to be the best, and the best is what it is. Ranked the number one place in the world to receive gun training of any kind, Front Sight teaches thousands and thousands of students every year how to handle a gun safely and effectively. Students of Ignatius Piazza receive thorough and precise gun training that teaches them how to shoot perfectly.

I attended a Four Day Defensive Handgun Course from Ignatius Piazza’s gun training instructors at Front Sight. My background included shooting a gun once before in my life, and it was not a handgun. Before attending Front Sight, I did extensive research on the school and Ignatius Piazza. After deciding that Front Sight was definitely the best place in the world to receive gun training, I attended my first course with a friend.

Four days of intense training left me surprised. Before, I had known that Front Sight was the best. I had known that the gun training instructors were amazing. I had known the shooting experience that Ignatius Piazza had. I had read and heard the testimonials from other Front Sight students. I had seen news stories about Front Sight. I was set on the fact that Front Sight was, by far, the greatest gun training school in the world. And still, when I actually attended Front Sight, I was shocked. The amount of attention that I received was mind boggling. The Front Sight instructors changed me completely.

So, like I said, I attended one four day self defense gun training course with no prior handgun experience. Can you imagine how good I felt when my friend (who has been shooting over fifteen years) admitted I’m a better shooter than him? Another fact that contributes to how good I felt: my friend is a guy. I’m a girl. I am a better shooter than a man with over fifteen years of shooting experience because of ONE GUN TRAINING COURSE AT FRONT SIGHT.

Ignatius Piazza will train you how to shoot a gun safely and perfectly no matter how old or young you are, no matter if you are male or female, no matter what type of background you come from, no matter how strong or feeble you are and no matter how many years of gun training you have under your belt. After your first self defense gun training course at Front Sight, you will see the results. You will see that you, too, are a better shooter than every single one of your friends.

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