A Recipe for Success: Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

What makes Front Sight Firearms Training Institute the best gun training school in the world? Well, there are a lot of factors that go into it. A mix of the most innovated and proven curriculum, dedicated gun training instructors, a director with a philanthropic heart, a staff that actually cares and students that make it all worth while blend together to create the perfect recipe for a gun training school that can change and save lives.

Founder and Director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, attended a bunch of gun training schools before creating Front Sight. He studied a lot and trained very hard, putting in thousands upon thousands of hours of shooting practice and research, designing what he saw as the perfect gun training school. While attending gun training courses across the nation, Ignatius Piazza noticed that some gun training schools excelled in one area but lacked in others. Pretty much every gun training school he came across had both strengths and weaknesses. But what would happen if there were a gun training school with only strengths? Front Sight Firearms Training Institute combines what Ignatius Piazza saw as the strengths of each of these schools, and leaves out the weaknesses, creating that dream gun training school. As a student of Front Sight, when I am asked what the best part of my first self defense handgun training course was, I usually answer quite honestly. “Everything.”

The gun training instructors at Front Sight are truly dedicated. That first day of my first course, I showed little to no promise. I was one of the worse shooters in my class. My instructors did not neglect me. In fact, they gave me just as much attention as everyone else, working with me and explaining things to me, staying after class to answer my questions and walking me through the difficult tasks every step of the way. By the end of my first Front Sight course, I really felt as if I had learned invaluable information. On top of that, I could shoot a target exactly where I aimed. That’s a big improvement over just a few days’ time, especially when on day one I was rarely even hitting my target at all.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his staff members are all extremely knowledgeable and caring. Not only does Ignatius Piazza actively participate in charities and run his own philanthropic organization, he cares about his students and really wants them to be safe and successful. His team members are all educated in the field of gun training and answer all questions quickly, fully and patiently. The staff members at Front Sight really made me feel comfortable and more like a friend than a customer, making my learning curve grow stronger.

Thanks to the testimonials and personal recommendations from students of Front Sight, the gun training school has been able to grow to a level of enormous stature. It is recognized as the number one gun training school in the world and has kept that title for several years. To completely understand the pure awesomeness that is Front Sight, you’ve got to check it out for yourself. Go ahead and see it, then tell me how much you agree!

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