The Chronicles of Front Sight: My Experience, Part Nine

You may be pretty good at shooting. Heck, your bullets may hit pretty close to the bullseye of a target almost every shot you make. But did you know that while under stress, your shots will only be about fifty percent as accurate as your best day on the range? During my first Four Day Defensive Handgun Training Course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, I was shown just how much a stressful situation can change your shooting ability. In The Chronicles of Front Sight: My Experience, Part Eight, I talked about the Front Sight shooting competition, and what had happened because of my stress levels rising. Dr. Ignatius Piazza and the gun training instructors at Front Sight pay special attention to helping students learn how to remain calm in stressful situations, so their stress does not get the best of them in a real life threatening moment.

At Front Sight, I learned through scenario based training, which helps overall comfort levels when having to experience the situations in real life. Since a student of Front Sight has already, “been there and done that,” if you will, an actual life threatening situation experience becomes easier to handle. Think about it. What are the differences in the two following situations?

1.    A masked gunman pulls a gun out at you. You have never experienced this type of situation before. You have only shot stationary paper targets with circles on them at the shooting range.
2.    A masked gunman pulls a gun out at you. You have gone through this situation dozens of times with a professional gun training instructor. You have been forced to escape the situation several times in a row, and have even done it in front of people.

Which situation would you rather be in? Ignatius Piazza made sure that his gun training at Front Sight would prepare his students for real life. He brought this to a personal level to me when, in one of my last exercises on the range, the gun training instructor placed a target in front of me that was a replica of a hostage situation. Each student in my gun training course had to name his or her hostage, and it had to be someone each person really cared about.

I named mine after my niece. Talk about a stressful situation! I knew how badly I would feel if I hit the wrong person on the target. However, because of my excellent gun training at Front Sight, I was able to focus on what I was doing and really put myself into the situation, as if it were real life… and I saved my niece.

Remember how on Day One of my Front Sight Self Defense Gun Training Course, I was pretty much the worst shooter that ever lived? Yeah… on Day Four at Front Sight, I was able to shoot a gun EXACTLY where I aimed it WHILE being put under an extreme amount of stress.

So why was I so accurate in my shooting? The Chronicles of Front Sight: My Experience, Part Ten will explain the differences between how I shot on Day One versus how I shot on Day Four. There, you will learn the mistake that so many people (about 95% of the gun using population) make, and most people don’t even know they are doing it. Come with me on our adventure and let me show you what I learned at Front Sight that made me able to shoot exactly on target.

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