Gun Training… For Your Relationship?

If you are like most people who have ever been in a relationship, you have probably experienced, at one point or another, the familiar concept of getting “comfortable.” Now, when I say, “comfortable,” I mean something a little different than being able to be around him without makeup or being fine with her smelling you after working in the yard for a few hours. I am talking about COMFORTABLE… when you come home from work, and all you do is eat some dinner and watch some TV. Day in and day out, that’s what you do, and it is totally fine. It is comfortable… until one day, it hits you. “Man… we are BORING.”

I know I have been there. So what do you do to fix this? I know an awesome place. It could be considered out of the ordinary to suggest something like this, because many people would suggest to go out dancing or go on a hike or to the zoo or something… but I am going to suggest getting some first class gun training with your significant other at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Parhump, Nevada.

Front Sight is the perfect way to add some spice and oomph into your relationship, while building strength, trust and bringing you closer together. I will tell you why.

One, attending a gun training course from world renowned Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, is way more exciting than the rerun of I Love Lucy or Seinfeld that you have probably seen seventeen times. At Front Sight, you will learn how to safely and effectively shoot a gun for self defense, by listening to interesting presentations, watching awe inspiring demonstrations and practicing some real life, hands on tactical gun training. The presentations and demonstrations are truly amazing. It is seriously like heading out to a shooting museum… and getting to participate.

Two, when you practice your hands on tactical gun training at Front Sight, you partner up with another student. Partnering with your significant other will help build communication because you are helping each other learn. You are keeping each other safe, learning how to teach clearly and non judgmentally while listening to each other and having fun. Front Sight is a fantastic partnering experience!

Three, Front Sight will help you build trust. Ignatius Piazza and his team of firearms training instructors at Front Sight teach self defense and family protection. Don’t you think that you would be more likely to trust someone that you are confident could save your life in any dangerous situation? Forget the classic exercise of standing in front of your significant other and falling into his or her arms. At Front Sight, you get to learn how to keep each other safe and secure while feeling the power of a gun in your hands. It is pretty much the coolest trust building exercise ever created.

Attending a gun training course from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight is a great option to get out of that boring and repetitive lifestyle that many of us live. It will change things up. It will change your life. It could change your relationship. Are you ready for making that positive change?

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