Safe, Effective and Thorough Gun Training At Front Sight

Gun training needs to be thorough, effective and safe. If a gun training course lacks any of those things, it is not the ideal way to receive training. Sadly, not all gun training schools focus on all three aspects. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, however, does.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is a gun training school in Pahrump, Nevada, which is located just outside of the bright lights of Las Vegas. Founded and directed by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight is ranked the number one gun training school in the entire world. Ignatius Piazza’s program focuses first and foremost on gun safety, while giving the most thorough and complete gun training possible. Students are time and time again amazed at just how effective Front Sight’s gun training is.

Gun safety is the number one priority of Ignatius Piazza and his team of professional gun training instructors. They advocate safety in everything they do and teach, so everyone can feel comfortable and confident with their gun training experience. At Front Sight, there is no need to worry about the safety of yourself and your fellow students, because safety is the first and last thing taught. There will be no question of what the proper technique is, or wondering exactly how to perform each task, because the Front Sight instructors thoroughly explain, demonstrate and help each student carry out each exercise at hand. Not only will the instructors show how to do each exercise CORRECTLY and SAFELY, they will also show how to do it incorrectly, so each student will understand how to avoid going down the wrong road. Front Sight is the safest gun training school I have found.

As already stated, Front Sight’s teaching technique is thorough. However, the gun training curriculum is also thorough. At Front Sight, students learn any and everything they could want or need to learn about guns and gun training. There is no information that is left undiscussed, and students are never left to figure things out for themselves. Students of Ignatius Piazza are taught an insane amount of information in a short amount of time, which could seem a bit intimidating, but the teaching style of the Front Sight instructors makes it all easy to take in and retain.

Front Sight is EFFECTIVE. After just one four day gun training course from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight, students will have the skills and abilities to shoot better than people who have been shooting for years on end. There have been men that have been in the military for over twenty years that have attended Front Sight, and they all agree that they learned more in four days from Ignatius Piazza than they did in their time in the military.

When it comes down to it, Front Sight is a gun training school that incorporates all of the most important things. Gun training just can’t be good gun training without gun safety, complete and thorough information and without being effective in the end. Front Sight has it all. No other gun training school comes close to Front Sight

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