Front Sight Family Safe Forever

If you have a family, I am sure you know what it feels like to want to keep them safe. You may feel uncomfortable knowing that your kids are home alone before you get home from work. Or maybe you need to go away for a business trip and your wife and kids are left alone for the weekend. Who is going to protect them when you are not there?

Dr. Ignatius Piazza wants to train your family how to protect themselves, so that you do not need to worry when you are away. There is no possible way that you can be around to protect them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. However, you CAN protect them by getting them self defense training courses at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. As noted by its name, Front Sight is a gun training school, yes, but it is also a knife training school and an empty hands self defense training school. At Front Sight, your family can learn the skills they need to stay safe, with or without a gun.

Front Sight’s family protection program, also known as Family Safe Forever, combines gun training and self defense training for adults, gun training and self defense training for teens, youth safety training and child safety training, so that every one in your family can learn how to be safe in all situations.

Men and women can join together at Front Sight and take some of the best gun training courses in the world. Ignatius Piazza provides handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training and automatic weapons training, so no matter what type of gun you prefer to use, Ignatius Piazza can train you how to use it safely and effectively. After one of Ignatius Piazza’s gun training courses at Front Sight, you will be able to handle your weapon comfortably, being able to shoot quickly and accurately. No other gun training program comes close to Ignatius Piazza’s gun training program at Front Sight.

Teens can also benefit from Ignatius Piazza’s gun training program. Ignatius Piazza knows that the mind of a teenager can be all over the place and can lose attention quickly, so you can rest assured that your teen will actually find Front Sight’s gun training courses interesting. I would be willing to bet that the gun training instructors will keep your teen’s attention, even in the lectures.

Front Sight’s child safety training and youth safety training courses will be fun for your kids. They will learn a lot, including how to recognize threatening people, how to call for help, how to break free from an attack and how to avoid threatening situations, among several other important self defense techniques. Through age appropriate exercises, your children will learn skills that could save their lives.

Front Sight’s Family Safe Forever program is a wonderful avenue to help you and your family stay safe… forever. You should not have to worry about their safety when you are not around. Check out Front Sight’s course schedule today!

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