Women Get Gun Training At Front Sight

Nights alone worry many women. Many of us lose sleep when we are spending the evening with no husband or no roommate. We fear that “something might happen” and we get nervous that someone might break in. Dr. Ignatius Piazza is here to help us. He will ease our fears and make us the strong, confident women we wish to be.

Ignatius Piazza owns a gun training school in Pahrump, Nevada called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight offers many different kinds of self defense training courses, including handgun training, rifle training, automatic weapons training, shotgun training, knife training and empty hands self defense training. At Front Sight, gun training isn’t just for the boys. Ignatius Piazza will help us females learn how to use a gun better than pretty much any guy we know.

Front Sight focuses on gun safety, above all. That means we can feel safe and secure in our gun training courses, knowing that we are learning how to stay safe and if we have kids, how to keep our kids safe. Ignatius Piazza teaches women how to hold a gun and how to use a gun for self defense with confidence. After attending Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, any woman can feel empowered and know that she does not have to fear spending the night alone.

As women, we are more susceptible to attack. We are viewed by many as the weaker sex, more timid and easier to overtake. Ignatius Piazza can show us just how wrong that is. He can show us how to escape from any dangerous or life threatening situation, even if we don’t choose to own a gun. He will teach us self defense techniques that will keep us safe and away from harm and will show us how to protect our children. He will help us live less frustrated and more carefree lives, by giving us the gift of self defense.

Just because we are more susceptible to attack does not mean we need to walk around being afraid or live in paranoia. We can let Ignatius Piazza offer us the gun training and self defense training that we deserve. Front Sight is the number one gun training school in the world, for men and for women. Top quality gun training is provided by world class gun training instructors that were intensively trained by Ignatius Piazza. Students of Front Sight leave as not only much better shooters, shooting faster and more accurately than ever before, but as more confident people that are calmer and more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

Gun training for women at Front Sight is a glorious thing. I am a woman who is not afraid to be home alone at night. I am a woman who is not nervous about walking to my car alone. I am a woman who knows she does not have to give in or live in fear. I am a woman who got her gun training from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

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