Women Get Gun Training At Front Sight

October 11th, 2012

Nights alone worry many women. Many of us lose sleep when we are spending the evening with no husband or no roommate. We fear that “something might happen” and we get nervous that someone might break in. Dr. Ignatius Piazza is here to help us. He will ease our fears and make us the strong, confident women we wish to be.

Ignatius Piazza owns a gun training school in Pahrump, Nevada called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight offers many different kinds of self defense training courses, including handgun training, rifle training, automatic weapons training, shotgun training, knife training and empty hands self defense training. At Front Sight, gun training isn’t just for the boys. Ignatius Piazza will help us females learn how to use a gun better than pretty much any guy we know.

Front Sight focuses on gun safety, above all. That means we can feel safe and secure in our gun training courses, knowing that we are learning how to stay safe and if we have kids, how to keep our kids safe. Ignatius Piazza teaches women how to hold a gun and how to use a gun for self defense with confidence. After attending Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, any woman can feel empowered and know that she does not have to fear spending the night alone.

As women, we are more susceptible to attack. We are viewed by many as the weaker sex, more timid and easier to overtake. Ignatius Piazza can show us just how wrong that is. He can show us how to escape from any dangerous or life threatening situation, even if we don’t choose to own a gun. He will teach us self defense techniques that will keep us safe and away from harm and will show us how to protect our children. He will help us live less frustrated and more carefree lives, by giving us the gift of self defense.

Just because we are more susceptible to attack does not mean we need to walk around being afraid or live in paranoia. We can let Ignatius Piazza offer us the gun training and self defense training that we deserve. Front Sight is the number one gun training school in the world, for men and for women. Top quality gun training is provided by world class gun training instructors that were intensively trained by Ignatius Piazza. Students of Front Sight leave as not only much better shooters, shooting faster and more accurately than ever before, but as more confident people that are calmer and more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

Gun training for women at Front Sight is a glorious thing. I am a woman who is not afraid to be home alone at night. I am a woman who is not nervous about walking to my car alone. I am a woman who knows she does not have to give in or live in fear. I am a woman who got her gun training from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

Front Sight Family Safe Forever

June 11th, 2012

If you have a family, I am sure you know what it feels like to want to keep them safe. You may feel uncomfortable knowing that your kids are home alone before you get home from work. Or maybe you need to go away for a business trip and your wife and kids are left alone for the weekend. Who is going to protect them when you are not there?

Dr. Ignatius Piazza wants to train your family how to protect themselves, so that you do not need to worry when you are away. There is no possible way that you can be around to protect them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. However, you CAN protect them by getting them self defense training courses at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. As noted by its name, Front Sight is a gun training school, yes, but it is also a knife training school and an empty hands self defense training school. At Front Sight, your family can learn the skills they need to stay safe, with or without a gun.

Front Sight’s family protection program, also known as Family Safe Forever, combines gun training and self defense training for adults, gun training and self defense training for teens, youth safety training and child safety training, so that every one in your family can learn how to be safe in all situations.

Men and women can join together at Front Sight and take some of the best gun training courses in the world. Ignatius Piazza provides handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training and automatic weapons training, so no matter what type of gun you prefer to use, Ignatius Piazza can train you how to use it safely and effectively. After one of Ignatius Piazza’s gun training courses at Front Sight, you will be able to handle your weapon comfortably, being able to shoot quickly and accurately. No other gun training program comes close to Ignatius Piazza’s gun training program at Front Sight.

Teens can also benefit from Ignatius Piazza’s gun training program. Ignatius Piazza knows that the mind of a teenager can be all over the place and can lose attention quickly, so you can rest assured that your teen will actually find Front Sight’s gun training courses interesting. I would be willing to bet that the gun training instructors will keep your teen’s attention, even in the lectures.

Front Sight’s child safety training and youth safety training courses will be fun for your kids. They will learn a lot, including how to recognize threatening people, how to call for help, how to break free from an attack and how to avoid threatening situations, among several other important self defense techniques. Through age appropriate exercises, your children will learn skills that could save their lives.

Front Sight’s Family Safe Forever program is a wonderful avenue to help you and your family stay safe… forever. You should not have to worry about their safety when you are not around. Check out Front Sight’s course schedule today!

I Needed Self Defense Training

May 12th, 2011

Dear Parents of Teenage Girls,

I used to be pretty confident in my self defense abilities. I have always been pretty strong, and while I had never had any formal self defense training, I knew that if I were to be attacked, I would be okay. I was strong enough and clever enough to get out of any situation and if worse came to worst, my adrenaline would kick in and I would be able to fight my way to freedom. Everyone who knew me knew that I was not one you should mess with because I packed a punch that could knock a marine across the hallway. And then, along came Mark. Okay, so his name wasn’t actually Mark, but we are going to call him that, in case he happens to be reading this.

Mark was a good friend of mine. One of the best. He had good morals and parents loved him. Mark knew I had a boyfriend and I knew he was not happy about that, but I also knew Mark was no threat. He had SUCH good morals and was the least of my worries. Then my relationship came to an end and Mark was there to console me. And then Mark was there to put his arm around me. And then Mark was there to hug me. And then Mark was there to push me against a wall. And then Mark was there to threaten me and painfully dig his teeth into me.

Where was my adrenaline? Where was my strength? It apparently was shy that night because it sure wasn’t coming to my rescue. I cried that night, weakened by the fact that I had no way to protect myself against this monster.

Now, think about your daughter and put her in that situation. Get her self defense training, no matter how strong or weak she is. Get her gun training. Get her knife training. Get her all of it. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, offers all types of self defense training at affordable prices and convenient times. Front Sight offers the best gun training and self defense training in the world, so your little girl will never have to be greeted with the realization that she doesn’t know how to protect herself. Ignatius Piazza could save her.

Now that I have been trained at Front Sight, I know that in any threatening situation, I am prepared to know exactly what to do and how to escape. Ignatius Piazza will train your daughter how to safely and effectively use a gun, a knife, and/or her own body for self defense. Front Sight trains students how to handle stressful situations, so when the real life threat arises, her mind can stay calm and her chances of escape will increase.

Please protect your daughters by getting them training from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight. There is no better place than Front Sight to receive any kind of self defense training, and your daughter deserves only the best. You know as well as I that sub par gun training or self defense training will not cut it when it comes to the life and innocence of that little girl.

Please, look into gun training courses at Front Sight today.


Front Sight: Girls Can Kick Butt, Too!

March 18th, 2011

When you have made the decision to learn how to use a gun for self defense, why would you get your gun training from anywhere other than the best? Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers the world’s best gun training that money can buy. This fantastic gun training school is miles and miles ahead of the game when it comes to teaching gun safety, shooting speed and shooting accuracy. Just a few days with the professional gun training instructors at Front Sight will leave you handling a gun better than ninety nine percent of the gun owning population.

Founder, Director and Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, designed Front Sight Firearms Training Institute to be the best, and the best is what it is. Ranked the number one place in the world to receive gun training of any kind, Front Sight teaches thousands and thousands of students every year how to handle a gun safely and effectively. Students of Ignatius Piazza receive thorough and precise gun training that teaches them how to shoot perfectly.

I attended a Four Day Defensive Handgun Course from Ignatius Piazza’s gun training instructors at Front Sight. My background included shooting a gun once before in my life, and it was not a handgun. Before attending Front Sight, I did extensive research on the school and Ignatius Piazza. After deciding that Front Sight was definitely the best place in the world to receive gun training, I attended my first course with a friend.

Four days of intense training left me surprised. Before, I had known that Front Sight was the best. I had known that the gun training instructors were amazing. I had known the shooting experience that Ignatius Piazza had. I had read and heard the testimonials from other Front Sight students. I had seen news stories about Front Sight. I was set on the fact that Front Sight was, by far, the greatest gun training school in the world. And still, when I actually attended Front Sight, I was shocked. The amount of attention that I received was mind boggling. The Front Sight instructors changed me completely.

So, like I said, I attended one four day self defense gun training course with no prior handgun experience. Can you imagine how good I felt when my friend (who has been shooting over fifteen years) admitted I’m a better shooter than him? Another fact that contributes to how good I felt: my friend is a guy. I’m a girl. I am a better shooter than a man with over fifteen years of shooting experience because of ONE GUN TRAINING COURSE AT FRONT SIGHT.

Ignatius Piazza will train you how to shoot a gun safely and perfectly no matter how old or young you are, no matter if you are male or female, no matter what type of background you come from, no matter how strong or feeble you are and no matter how many years of gun training you have under your belt. After your first self defense gun training course at Front Sight, you will see the results. You will see that you, too, are a better shooter than every single one of your friends.

Ignatius Piazza Helps Women

January 28th, 2011

Do you have to be a member of SWAT, a seasoned military officer, a gun training instructor or an Army sniper in order to shoot like one? Nope.

Now for the real question. Do you have to be a man in order to handle a weapon and shoot like any of those guys? Nope.

As a woman in her twenties, I was excited, yet somewhat apprehensive, to attend my first Front Sight Firearms Training Institute’s Four Day Defensive Handgun Training Course. But let me tell you, by the end of my first day in my handgun training course at Front Sight, those apprehensive feelings were long gone. By the middle of my second day on the Front Sight shooting range, I was surprised at how much my gun handling skills had improved. After four days with the Front Sight gun training instructors, I looked back at my time and literally could not believe how much I had learned, how much I had done, and that I was able to shoot EXACTLY where I aimed. No kidding… I couldn’t even see the bullet hole because the front sight of my gun was in the way.

The Front Sight gun training instructors do not discriminate. Everyone gets the same amount of attention: a lot. I felt like I was taking a private lesson for four days during my handgun training course. Normally, people would think, “Well, you’re a woman with a gun. Of COURSE you’re going to get extra attention!”

So I asked around among the boys in my gun training group, “Do you feel like you’re getting lots of personal attention from the Front Sight instructors?” The answers were always the same: YES.

It is essential for women to learn self defense. Typically, (not always, but typically) we are smaller, weaker and more desirable targets. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight, will get you that self defense training you need and deserve. Maybe you do not care if you shoot as well as a guy that shoots guns for a living. All you want to do is stop the bad guy, right? Well, there is a fifty percent rule. That means your shots in the heat of the moment when you are being attacked are not going to be as accurate as you practiced at the range. You’ll be shooting at about fifty percent. So, if you get gun training that makes you an acceptable shooter, gives you just enough experience or even makes it so you can hit your target most of the time, good luck to you if you have to use a gun to save your life or the life of a loved one. I don’t know about you, but if I’m being attacked, I want to actually stop the guy… not just piss him off. Ignatius Piazza and the gun training instructors at Front Sight have a goal of making you a perfect shooter, so when your life counts on your shots, you’ll have a greater chance of getting out alive.