Front Sight Grieves For Chelsea King

March 30th, 2010

Driving home from work today, chills flooded my body. Blue balloons – the color of her eyes – showing the letters “CK” enclosed in hearts were tied to the trees lining the street. Her photo was pinned on several of the trees and the word “MISSING” pierced my eyes. There is not a parent – or any citizen, for that matter – in this town that I know of that is not mortified by her story. Headlines on television, in the radio and all over the Internet spread remorse. Her smiling face is plastered on walls, on light poles and in parking lots. Who is this girl? Seventeen year old Chelsea King went out for a run at three o’clock on a Thursday afternoon in a community park, located less than five minutes from my office, in the upscale city of Rancho Bernardo. Safe place, safe time to be out, right? I go outside by myself all the time.

She was a cross country runner. She should have been able to outrun the 30 year old, 240 or so pound man, John Albert Gardner, III. You would think that someone in the busy park would have seen the commotion. But today, the search for her body finally ended, leaving San Diego County with solemn hearts. Sometimes, even in a crowd, perpetrators can keep their attacks secretive, and their victims are left to fend for themselves. The news keeps referring to Gardner as a “registered sex offender.” What the news has not been telling people is that he is registered in Riverside County, about thirty to forty five minutes north of where he was actually living in San Diego County. Scary, right? Again, you never know who is living next door to you or who is walking down the cheese aisle next to you at the grocery store.

I mentioned that self defense training, like the teen self defense training and teen gun training offered at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, could have helped Chelsea King and was greeted with the response that there was no way she could have fought him off; that he was just too big and strong. Yet, he attacked another jogger on December 27, 2009 who was able to defend herself and escape. It does not matter what your attacker’s size is. You can get away. Parents, please read this carefully. Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight, offers child safety training, youth safety training and gun training for teens. These are self defense training courses for your children that could possibly save their lives. Front Sight’s gun training and self defense training courses teach you how to defend yourself no matter what your size and strength is relative to your attacker. Ignatius Piazza has taught those thought to be weak, feeble and even disabled to protect themselves against very strong people. Can you imagine how Chelsea’s parents must feel right now? Don’t put yourself through this. One call to Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight and you can have your child enrolled in a self defense training course that will change them forever. If she is alive, she will have to live with these haunting memories for the rest of her life. Safety training at Front Sight or teen gun training with Ignatius Piazza can increase your child’s chances of NEVER having to go through this. Front Sight cares about your children and their safety. Chelsea King’s story is absolutely heart wrenching. Let’s work together with Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight and bring an end to stories like hers.