Front Sight and the Fifty Percent Rule

January 2nd, 2012

In regards to gun training, you may have heard of the fifty percent rule. In a situation where self defense or family protection is needed, you will only be about fifty percent as accurate as your best day on the shooting range. Basically, that means you are going to be a bit slower and your bullets are going to hit further away from your exact target. If, on your best day, you hit about four inches away from your target, adjust that by fifty percent. Now you are going to be about six inches away. When it comes to small amounts like that, the extra two inches doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal. But what if the bad guy has a gun to your sister’s head and is holding her up as a human shield? If you miss his head, you may have just hit your sister. Are you okay with that?

In stressful and life threatening situations, your brain reacts differently than in calm and controlled situations. While shooting targets at the shooting range, you have all the time in the world. When someone has a gun to your sister’s head, the seconds count. You need to be able to remain calm and keep your cool in these situations, so that your self defense mechanism will be more accurate, quicker, smoother and thus, more effective.

Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute wants to give you the training you need to be able to keep your mind and hand steady, even in these horrifying situations. The gun training courses at Front Sight concentrate on gun safety, and teach how to use a gun for self defense and family protection in actual life threatening situations. Throughout your gun training course, you will hear interesting lectures, watch entertaining shooting demonstrations and practice hands on tactical gun training, performing drills and exercises repetitively until they are second nature to you. This repetition may sound boring, but the gun training instructors at Front Sight keep things exciting and fun, so the class never drags or feels stale. You will interact with other people and will get the chance to participate in scenario based training. You will learn what it feels like to be in a threatening situation, so if you should ever have to endure one for real, your response will come more naturally, since you have technically already been there and done that.

The idea of Ignatius Piazza’s dream for Front Sight is not to make you a good shooter. The idea is to make you a perfect shooter, so that the fifty percent rule need not affect you too much. If you are constantly hitting your target spot on, or even a couple centimeters away, even if you include that fifty percent decrease in accuracy, you are still doing pretty well when it comes to accuracy. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight will train you to be the best shooter you can be, guaranteed.

My Front Sight Membership

June 9th, 2011

Quite possibly, the best piece of mail I have ever gotten was when I received my Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Diamond Lifetime Membership Card. I was so excited; I could hardly contain myself. I was super ecstatic for more than one reason.

One, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is known as the best gun training school in the world. I have attended Front Sight and learned more in my first few days there than I would have ever dreamed possible. In less than a week, I learned so much about gun safety and how to use a gun for self defense, including how to properly hold a gun, how to conceal a weapon, how and where to shoot an attacker, how to aim perfectly, how to handle multiple attackers, how to safely handle home invasions, how to approach hostage situations, how to shoot accurately in the dark and so much more. Founder and Director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, is a Four Weapons Combat Master who never stops researching, training and learning, even though he is currently known as one of the best shooters in the world. Front Sight is the best learning environment I have ever experienced, providing for all types of learning styles and incorporating fun into the mix. I learned (and retained) more than my friends can believe. With Ignatius Piazza’s help, I went from shooting completely off the target to being able to shoot exactly where I aimed… in four days.

Two, a Front Sight Lifetime Membership is one of the greatest purchases someone can make, whether they are a gun enthusiast or someone who just wants to learn how to defend themselves with a gun. Front Sight Memberships offer students the opportunity to attend certain classes (depending on which membership they own) as many times as they want for the rest of their lives. Lifetime Memberships at Front Sight give students the chance to increase productivity, accuracy and shooting speed insurmountably. They get to do all this while saving money because Ignatius Piazza offers Lifetime Memberships at discounted rates, and once a membership is paid for, that’s it! You don’t pay for any more gun training courses at Front Sight. You just go and learn and have fun. If you’re interested in a Front Sight Membership, you can take a look at Front Sight’s website and see which one might work best for you.

Three, I was stoked that I decided on the Diamond Lifetime Membership. This means that ALL of my Front Sight courses (gun training, knife training, or any kind of self defense training) are already paid for… for the rest of my life. The Diamond Membership is the coolest membership at Front Sight because it covers every single Front Sight course. Now, the hardest decision for me is how to answer the question: Which course am I going to take next?

I am so happy with my Front Sight Diamond Lifetime Membership purchase. When you attend Front Sight for the first time, you will surely know what I mean.

Gun Training for Trying Times

December 21st, 2009

People usually get arrested for a reason, right? Once they are arrested, they are ordered to appear in court and defend their position, either resulting in a verdict of innocence or a conviction of guilt. They get sentenced to a certain amount of time in jail or prison, depending on their crime and the effects of the crime. Now, in many states, those sentences are being slashed, because it costs a lot of money to keep convicts in prison. States are saying they just do not have enough money. Over the next three years, California will release about fifty five thousand prisoners. Kentucky has released over a thousand already and have taken fifteen hundred off parole. Nevada is proposing the closure of Nevada State Prison. These are scary thoughts to the law abiding citizens of America, considering that several states are planning these prisoner early release programs. It has started already and it will only continue. In your life, what happens now? Do you let the economy dictate your safety? You do not have to! Get yourself some awesome gun training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and keep yourself safe. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight, wants to get you armed and trained so that you can properly defend yourself and protect your family from these newly released criminals. If an attacker were to approach you or your child, would you know how to handle the situation? Go to Front Sight and learn all of the crucial self defense techniques that will save you and your loved ones. At Front Sight, you will be trained by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, and his team of amazing gun training instructors who will give you all the attention that you need. Front Sight is not about showing you the gun training techniques and then sending you off to learn them by yourself. Front Sight gun training instructors are with you every step of the way, teaching you gun safety, shooting stance and proper gun handling. With Front Sight’s gun training instructors at your side, you will never have any doubt about the quality of your gun training! This is just one of the many reasons that Front Sight has been rated the number one gun training school in the world. When you call Ignatius Piazza, you will be sure that you are making one of the best phone calls of your life. Check out Front Sight today to see for yourself! Read the rest of this entry »