Gun Control v. Gun Training: Is Gun Control Really Safer?

August 16th, 2011

Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, is a firm believer in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Many people across America have conflicting views on this Amendment. Some love it. Some hate it. Some think it is okay but just not for them. Some are indifferent. Some are afraid of it. Some think it should go away and some think it should stay. I wonder why people want to do away with the Second Amendment. Why would we want to take away such a strong tool of self defense? Why would we want to put ourselves at risk?

Sure, at face value, the Pro Gun Control argument sounds awesome. “Getting rid of guns will reduce crime and keep us safer.” Who doesn’t want to be safer? I know I would love to live in a place with zero crime and not have to worry about walking down the street late at night, clutching my purse against me and looking over my shoulder to make sure I am not being followed. That would be great! But is getting rid of guns really going to get me to that place? If it can, I would really like to see how.

“If guns are outlawed, there won’t be any risk of getting shot, because people will not own them.” Can the owners of this argument please explain to me why I have seen people waste away in front of me due to drugs? I cannot understand how that happened. I also do not understand why parents worry about their children getting wrapped up in drug use. Drugs are illegal. People “shouldn’t” be about to get a hold of them if they are illegal… much like guns, right?

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to be naïve and believe that these gun control advocates have the right idea. Bad guys are going to break the law. If guns are outlawed, why would that stop them from getting a hold of them? All it will do is put us at risk, because our attackers will have guns and we will have something less powerful or effective.

Yes, guns in untrained hands are dangerous. But guns in well trained hands provide a great avenue for self defense and family protection. What we should be focusing on is getting people gun training instead of taking away a means of protection. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada, offers the greatest gun training in the world and can be affordable for almost every budget. Ignatius Piazza has worked hard to offer the best quality gun training and to offer it to people of every income level. Lots of gun training is expensive. Front Sight makes it possible for people with normal jobs (like myself) to get better gun training than even the most expensive places out there.

The Second Amendment grants us the right to bear arms… but along with that right comes responsibility. Front Sight will help you make the responsible decision of getting gun training and getting your family trained. Let’s do our part to keep America safe. Let’s get gun training and really know how to use a gun for self defense, instead of just owning one because we can.

Get Gun Training – Because Crime Keeps Happening

December 15th, 2009

The man who killed seven people in a restaurant in Chicago back in 1993, James Degorski, has finally been convicted and sentenced to life in prison. He brutally murdered two of the Chicago restaurant’s owners and five of their employees by shooting them, stabbing them and then stacking them in the walk in refrigerator. The co-defendant in the Degorski murder case, Juan Luna, was convicted of murder two years ago and was also sentenced to life in prison. It seems like we hear about murders every day. Either a new slaying has occurred or people are finally getting convicted for past ones. If a day goes by where we do not have to endure hearing about one more murder, other viscous crimes still plague our newscasts. Rapes, robberies, carjackings, you name it – our news stories are just littered with unfortunate events. When will people realize that until we do something about it, these things will just keep happening? Violent crimes can be prevented! Let’s start taking action! Read the rest of this entry »

Gun Training for College Co-Eds

December 6th, 2009

College campuses, sadly, are breeding grounds for crime. This week, two students of Boston University were robbed at knife point. The school quickly responded by sending out emails to students with reminders of how to stay safe, including things like “travel in groups” and “keep your valuables out of sight.” Sure, traveling in groups is great… when you have a big group of people to travel around with. What happens when you leave a party alone? What happens when you are walking to class alone? What happens to the people who do not have many friends and are just usually alone? Are these people just out of luck? No! They, too, can protect themselves from viscous attacks by getting self defense training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute from the world renowned Dr. Ignatius Piazza. Ignatius Piazza’s empty hands self defense training courses at Front Sight help students learn how to protect themselves in places where weapons are not allowed, such as college campuses. Gun training courses at Front Sight will help you learn how to protect yourself in these places, too. Wait, what? How can gun training help me in a place where guns are not allowed? Well, think about it. These two students were attacked by someone with a knife. Knives are not allowed on campus. That did not stop that guy from bringing one. Just because guns are not allowed does not mean that people are not going to bring them. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training courses at Front Sight show you how to disarm someone with a gun, whether or not you have one yourself. It is important to learn how to use a gun, even if you do not plan on owning one in your lifetime. If someone comes at you with a gun and you do not know how to disarm your attacker or how to use the gun once you figure out how to get it from him, unless you know how to run really, really fast, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Learn these skills from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, because safe handling of a gun is extremely important. Read the rest of this entry »