The Chronicles of Front Sight: My Experience, Part Eight

September 12th, 2011

I told you that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers competitive gun training. Do I mean that Front Sight’s rates are competitive against other gun training schools? Well, of course they are… but that’s not what I am talking about here. Do I mean that Front Sight’s gun training is way better than any other gun training school in the world? Sure it is… but that is not what I am talking about here either. I am talking about actual competitive gun training… as in gun training for competitive shooting.

In my first Four Day Defensive Handgun Training Course at Front Sight, I got to participate in a shooting competition. Many people will think that this just is not necessary; that it is training to shoot for sport rather than self defense. I thought that at first, too. But let me explain something to you.

You stand on the firing line with one other person. You each have a certain number of targets to shoot, all placed at various distances. Your goal is to knock all of the targets down before the other guy does. Sounds simple enough, right? But then you realize that you have got about twenty or so other people watching you, including three Front Sight gun training instructors that are standing almost over your shoulder, calling the shots and announcing winners… and the NOT winners. If THAT doesn’t teach you how to shoot quickly AND effectively while under stress, I don’t know what does.

Up to this point in my Front Sight gun training from Dr. Ignatius Piazza, I had only had to compete against myself. Add another person to the mix and it surely changes things. Unfortunately, I let my nerves get to me and ended up getting creamed… but it taught me a giant lesson. SHOOTING WHILE UNDER STRESS GREATLY CHANGES EVERYTHING.

I was stressed and nervous, so my presentation speed slowed, leaving me less time to beat the other guy to the shots. My hands were shaking, so my accuracy suffered, leaving me to miss my targets. I watched the other guy’s targets fall on every perfect shot, increasing my stress level and decreasing my focus. What if it had been a real gunfight? My presentation speed was slowed, leaving the bad guy more time to take me down. My accuracy was off, giving the bad guy more chances to get me. He was calm and his shots were perfect, which could have been the shots to hit me.

Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight opened my eyes to what real life self defense shooting involves. I learned first hand the way it feels to be in a gunfight, while in a safe and controlled environment, so if it were to happen in real life, I will be way more prepared than I would have been without this shooting competition. Over the rest of my gun training course, my Front Sight instructors helped me gain and keep focus, increase my confidence and reduce my stress level, so, by the end of my four days at Front Sight, my hands were firm and steady.

THAT, my friends, was severely helpful… especially in the personalized hostage situation at the end of the course… I just might feel like talking about that in The Chronicles of Front Sight: My Experience, Part Nine.

Front Sight Keeps Our Kids Safe

January 1st, 2011

Do you have children? How old are they? Whether they are young children or older teens, I am sure you want to keep them safe. When you are at home with them, taking a walk with them or on a family outing, it may be quite possible for you to protect them. But what about the times that you are at work or when they are out with friends? What can you do then? How can you offer family protection when you are not physically there?

You can join forces with Dr. Ignatius Piazza and prepare your family members to protect themselves. Ignatius Piazza directs a gun training school in Nevada called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight offers self defense training courses for everyone in your family, including your kids. You and your spouse can enroll in one of Front Sight’s exciting gun training courses and learn how to shoot a gun with perfect accuracy and speed, while practicing intense gun safety. Your teens can attend a gun training course for teens or an empty hands self defense martial arts training course and learn how to stay safe in the real world, guard themselves against gangs and how to protect their friends. If you’ve got younger kids, Ignatius Piazza also offers a Child Safety Training Course and a Youth Safety Training Course, where children and young teens can learn how to resist peer pressure, how to ward off bad guys, how to defend themselves and how to disable an attacker.

If you are like many parents, you are probably concerned with how much your kids will actually learn whenever you enroll them in a self defense training course. This is totally understandable! But I want to tell you that with Ignatius Piazza training your children, you can rest confidently that they will learn more than they would from any other self defense training school. Ignatius Piazza promises you that your kids will learn an incredible amount in his self defense training courses AND they won’t be bored during class. Dan Whitney says of Front Sight’s teen gun training, “My abilities and knowledge have tripled.” Another student of Ignatius Piazza, Anastasia, says, “My teacher was funny and made the class fun.”

In Ignatius Piazza’s gun training and self defense training courses at Front Sight, instructors use real life scenarios to train students. Front Sight’s child safety training, youth safety training and teen gun training courses teach students how to respond to threatening situations through age appropriate reenactments. These student involved reenactments will keep your child’s attention, so you can be sure that your young ones will be learning the entire time. They will be having so much fun in class that they will not even realize how much they are actually learning.

After attending one of Front Sight’s child safety training or youth safety training courses, you can feel great knowing that your kids will be safe, even when you are not around to protect them yourself. Front Sight will help you put your worried mind at ease.