Front Sight Makes the Difference

November 5th, 2012

Take a moment to reflect on your last gun training course. Did it change your life? Or was it just a fun way to pass the time? Did it teach you how to use a gun to save lives? Or did it just teach you how to shoot a stationary paper target? Did it teach you the aftermath and consequences of gun use? Or did it just teach you the physical shooting process? Whatever your last experience was at whatever gun training school you attended, your next experience can be completely different. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the gun training school in Pahrump, Nevada run by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, is like no other gun training school you will encounter. Come check out the Front Sight Difference.

While most gun training schools teach you how to shoot a stationary paper target, Front Sight takes it a few steps further. You will learn how to shoot a target perfectly every time, but you will also learn how to shoot a moving target. You will be given time limits to test your ability to shoot under a time pressure, because should you have to use a gun for self defense, your opponent will not just stand there stationary, waiting for you to shoot him. You will also learn how to shoot multiple targets at once, because you can’t guarantee that you will only have one attacker. Front Sight will prepare you for real self defense shooting.

Most gun training schools will teach you how to shoot a gun, but will skimp on the aftermath and the consequences, such as the emotional and legal side effects of using a gun. Sure, they may tell you that there will be consequences, but they won’t go into intense detail the way Ignatius Piazza does. Several times throughout your gun training course, your mental state will be put to the test, because it is extremely important that you decide beforehand what it will take to get you to use a gun. You will be challenged to think outside the box and really take into account all aspects of your decision. Ignatius Piazza will also make sure that you learn the legal side of using a gun for self defense, such as dealing with police officers and lawsuits. At Front Sight, you will not get away thinking that using a gun is for the faint of heart. It is serious business and NOT to be taken lightly.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is a gun training school that will change your life. It is definitely a fun way to pass the time, but it is way more than that. You will have a blast hearing stories, learning little known shooting techniques and training with the best shooters in the world, but it will also challenge your thinking and increase your awareness of the world around you. You will leave Front Sight a different person than you were before, with more knowledge and more confidence than you came in with. No matter what your gun training experience has been in the past, Front Sight will make the difference in your future.