The Chronicles of Front Sight: My Experience, Part Nine

September 15th, 2011

You may be pretty good at shooting. Heck, your bullets may hit pretty close to the bullseye of a target almost every shot you make. But did you know that while under stress, your shots will only be about fifty percent as accurate as your best day on the range? During my first Four Day Defensive Handgun Training Course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, I was shown just how much a stressful situation can change your shooting ability. In The Chronicles of Front Sight: My Experience, Part Eight, I talked about the Front Sight shooting competition, and what had happened because of my stress levels rising. Dr. Ignatius Piazza and the gun training instructors at Front Sight pay special attention to helping students learn how to remain calm in stressful situations, so their stress does not get the best of them in a real life threatening moment.

At Front Sight, I learned through scenario based training, which helps overall comfort levels when having to experience the situations in real life. Since a student of Front Sight has already, “been there and done that,” if you will, an actual life threatening situation experience becomes easier to handle. Think about it. What are the differences in the two following situations?

1.    A masked gunman pulls a gun out at you. You have never experienced this type of situation before. You have only shot stationary paper targets with circles on them at the shooting range.
2.    A masked gunman pulls a gun out at you. You have gone through this situation dozens of times with a professional gun training instructor. You have been forced to escape the situation several times in a row, and have even done it in front of people.

Which situation would you rather be in? Ignatius Piazza made sure that his gun training at Front Sight would prepare his students for real life. He brought this to a personal level to me when, in one of my last exercises on the range, the gun training instructor placed a target in front of me that was a replica of a hostage situation. Each student in my gun training course had to name his or her hostage, and it had to be someone each person really cared about.

I named mine after my niece. Talk about a stressful situation! I knew how badly I would feel if I hit the wrong person on the target. However, because of my excellent gun training at Front Sight, I was able to focus on what I was doing and really put myself into the situation, as if it were real life… and I saved my niece.

Remember how on Day One of my Front Sight Self Defense Gun Training Course, I was pretty much the worst shooter that ever lived? Yeah… on Day Four at Front Sight, I was able to shoot a gun EXACTLY where I aimed it WHILE being put under an extreme amount of stress.

So why was I so accurate in my shooting? The Chronicles of Front Sight: My Experience, Part Ten will explain the differences between how I shot on Day One versus how I shot on Day Four. There, you will learn the mistake that so many people (about 95% of the gun using population) make, and most people don’t even know they are doing it. Come with me on our adventure and let me show you what I learned at Front Sight that made me able to shoot exactly on target.

Front Sight: Fifteen Years and Counting

July 5th, 2011

It is now April of 2011, the fifteen year anniversary of the birth of the greatest gun training school known to man, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. In April of 1996, the legacy came into fruition. But what many people do not know is that the idea of Front Sight was actually conceived years before its opening. Front Sight was not just some random business that Dr. Ignatius Piazza decided to open one day. It took careful planning, preparation and training in order to come to life, and it all started because Ignatius Piazza had a very important need: to spread the good news about gun training to the world, creating a more positive image of firearms.

There are so many people out there who have a negative view of firearms. It is somewhat understandable, because they see people getting shot at by gang members, schools getting attacked by antisocial creepy kids and houses getting broken into. But what they do not see is how firearms can actually help save lives. I am with you on the fact that I wish bad guys didn’t have guns. They are dangerous in the wrong hands. But, whether we like it or not, bad guys are always going to find a way to get the guns. Just like they will find a way to get the drugs or the scary black masks that go over their faces, unless guns somehow just stopped existing, they are going to get their hands on them. Heck, even if guns didn’t exist anymore, they’d still find a way. I mean, people make bombs out of two liter bottles and some household cleaners… and bombs are illegal, right? Sure, we can make guns illegal. But all that’s going to do is put us good guys in more danger, because we are going to be the only ones obeying the law. The bad guys are still going to get their guns.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is for the people that want to protect themselves and protect their families from these bad guys. When faced with a guy with a gun, would you like to fight him off with your purse? If this armed guy is running off with your child under his arm, wouldn’t you want to stop him in his tracks and save your kid? Founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, wants to train you how to use a gun for self defense through his intense but fun gun training courses, so you never have to be faced with a bad guy with a gun and not know what to do about it.

At Front Sight, you will learn literally everything you need to know about using a gun for self defense and family protection. You will learn the simple things from how to properly load your gun to the advanced techniques of how to handle hostage situations. Ignatius Piazza and his team of gun training instructors will train you how to get out of any life threatening situation safely, even if there are multiple attackers or low visibility.

Front Sight’s gun training is the best in the world: fifteen years and counting. Come hang out with Ignatius Piazza and learn how to protect yourself and your family. Let’s turn those fifteen years into sixteen.

No Age Lines: Front Sight’s Gun Training

June 2nd, 2011

You are never too old nor too young to learn how to defend yourself. Self defense training shows no age discrimination because, to be honest, predators and bad guys don’t age discriminate and decide not to attack because someone is too young or too old. In fact, the extreme ages (very young or very old) tend to get attacked more because they appear to be more vulnerable and… for lack of a better word… attackable. Do you want to be attackable? I asked myself that question and thought, “HECK NO.”

I got myself some self defense handgun training from Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Ignatius Piazza owns and operates the best gun training school in the world. At Front Sight, all ages are welcome. There is no age, no gender, no size and no strength level that can not succeed. Ignatius Piazza trains everyone, from children to our grandparents. There was a man in my gun training course that was well into his eighties. He was out there with all of us, learning how to handle hostage situations and multiple attackers, because he didn’t want his age to play against him. Now, after being trained at Front Sight, that man is stronger emotionally and physically and never has to be a victim of someone who sees him as old and feeble.

Ignatius Piazza also offers child safety training and youth safety training, because as parents, you can not be always there to protect your kids. Your kids go to school or birthday parties, out with their friends and sometimes stay home alone. If you are able to be with your kids one hundred percent of the time, my hat is off to you. Since we all know that’s not really a realistic possibility, you can be confident that with Ignatius Piazza’s child safety training and youth safety training courses, your kids will be protected all of the time because they will know how to protect themselves.

At Front Sight, your kids will learn how to protect themselves from predators, how to avoid peer pressure and how to get out of even the strongest of holds, no matter how small they may be. As a father, Ignatius Piazza knows how it feels to want your kids to be safe, so he will go out of his way to make sure that you know your kids are in good hands. After attending one of Ignatius Piazza’s self defense training programs, your children will be safe wherever they may be.

If you have got kids, or if you are approaching a ripe age, Ignatius Piazza wants to be there to help you out. He wants you to be safe and he wants your entire family to be safe. Come visit him at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and see for yourself how much you can learn, no matter what you currently think your age restrictions are. Don’t ever let yourself be a victim based on your age.

Should I Get Gun Training?

May 19th, 2011

Imagine yourself at home on a quiet night, enjoying the evening with your family. Out of nowhere, you hear tires screeching, piercing screams and the sound of gunshots echo throughout the stillness.

Or imagine yourself sleeping at night when you are awakened to the sound of crashing glass. You quickly realize there is someone in your living room. Next thing you know, the door to your bedroom is being opened and in walks in a man in a black ski mask.

Or imagine yourself pulling some cash out of the ATM. It’s dark outside and you are not completely aware of the city around you. Suddenly, someone steps close to you and whispers in your ear to give him your cash and he won’t hurt you.

How do you respond? Are you sure about what you would do or do you have to think about it? Well, I have got news for you. If it takes you more than a second to think about it and decide what to do, chances are, you are too late. You may think that none of these scenarios will ever happen to you. But they happen. The very first one happened to Dr. Ignatius Piazza, a humble but successful chiropractor from California. While the hope is that you will know how to handle any life threatening situation should it arise, Ignatius Piazza found himself coming to a devastating conclusion: all though he knew how to use a gun pretty well and practiced shooting it regularly, he lacked the skills to use a gun when he needed it most.

Ignatius Piazza took that disappointing realization and turned it into something amazing, however. He started training intensively, taking course after course of self defense gun training. He eventually became so proficient in shooting that he earned himself a Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate, an honor that only a few people in the world can claim. Being a man of epic philanthropy, Ignatius Piazza decided that he wanted to share his knowledge of gun training with the world and spread the wealth of safety to as many people as humanly possible.

Today, Ignatius Piazza directs a gun training school in Nevada, called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight offers the world’s greatest gun training of every kind, teaching students of all skill levels, knowledge bases and gun training backgrounds. At Front Sight, students come together and learn everything there is to know about self defense gun training and family protection. They learn how to handle each of the situations listed above, as well as every other life threatening situation you can think of. Through lectures, demonstrations and hardcore hands on tactical gun training, students of Ignatius Piazza learn more in a few short days than trained law enforcement officers learn in years of training and on the job experience.

Hands down, Ignatius Piazza gives the best gun training money can buy. On top of that, Front Sight is highly affordable to everyday people like you and me!

If you were the least bit overwhelmed by the scenarios listed above, come check out Ignatius Piazza’s gun training courses at Front Sight. In less than a week, you’ll be able to re-read those scenarios and not only know immediately how to respond to them, but you will be confident in your ability to handle them and escape safely.

How to Get the Best Gun Training Possible

April 19th, 2011

I got extensive gun training from the best gun training instructors in the world. Now I know more about gun training and safe gun use than most people I know. AND I did not break my bank account getting that gun training. Nor did I have to take too much time off work. And I sure as heck did not have to jump through hoops to get scheduled. It was, pretty much, the most perfect experience. The great thing is, is that you can have the same experience as I did. Let’s talk about how.

First, you have to decide you want to receive gun training. Already done that? Great. You can move on to the next paragraph. Still debating? Okay. Let’s look into a couple reasons to get gun training. One of the most important reasons, to me, is for self defense. Let’s face it. Bad guys carry weapons. They usually carry guns or knives. Gun training, like the gun training I got from the best gun training instructors in the world, can help increase your chances of survival should you be attacked by one of these bad guys. The reason to get gun training that is even more important to me is to provide family protection. Gun training and self defense training can help you protect your family from any disturbance that might happen in your household, like a home invasion. You will know exactly what to do to handle the situation and get yourself and your family out safely.

Next step is to decide on a place to get your gun training. I have done tons of research on the subject and have found that the best place possible is Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada. Founded and directed by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight is ranked the number one place in the world to receive gun training of any kind. Ignatius Piazza hires only the best of the best instructors and range masters, giving students the best possible chance to succeed. The instructors at Front Sight have been extensively trained to a level far beyond military and law enforcement instructors, and they provide a quality of service that simply cannot be beaten. Feel free to  take a look at Front Sight’s website to learn more about the gun training that these instructors provide.

Your next move is to decide what gun training course best suits you. If you don’t know which one will be perfect for you, the people that answer the phones at Front Sight will help you make your decision. If you surf around a bit on Front Sight’s website, you will see the incredible offers that Ignatius Piazza is currently making available to us all. There are gun training courses for every budget and schedule. It’s just a matter of deciding which one works best for you, personally.

Once you’ve decided on a course, all you have to do is simply sign up and follow the easy directions that Ignatius Piazza’s staff members give to you. Then, you can be ready to enjoy your time at Front Sight!

My experience at Front Sight changed my life completely. Your life is about to change dramatically, as well!