The Best Choice For Gun Training

July 30th, 2011

Thousands upon thousands of people get their gun training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, located just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been studying about Front Sight for a few years now, have attended the gun training school and have talked with tons of people who have attended. My research, my experience and the critiques of other students of Front Sight all seem to align: Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the best gun training school in the world.

I have known for a long time that I wanted to get gun training. My dad told me I needed to learn how to use a gun. Unfortunately, between me going to school and working and him having a job out of state, we never found the time for him to teach me. Then I found out about Front Sight. I started doing research, not only on the school, but on the founder, a Four Weapons Combat Master named Dr. Ignatius Piazza. Ignatius Piazza really seemed to know his stuff about shooting. He was well educated and trained, had a huge amount of hours of shooting under his belt, has trained experts in the field of shooting, was the second man in the world to receive his Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate AND he donates to charity. I liked him and figured he was worth looking into a bit more. So I researched Front Sight and found that they have at least doubled in size every year since opening in 1996. Military personnel and law enforcement officers have raved about how great Ignatius Piazza’s gun training is. They train everyone, from complete beginners to competitive shooters. Front Sight is recognized as the greatest gun training school in the world. AND they offer great deals and discounts.
Needless to say, I was sold.

My experience at Front Sight exceeded my expectations… by a huge degree of increase. Front Sight was bigger, better and way more exciting than I had thought. My research was pretty good, but it did not give this gun training school enough credit. I was completely astonished at the gun training provided at Front Sight by Ignatius Piazza and his team of gun training instructors. They taught me more than I thought I could have learned, and in just a few days, I was shooting better than people I know who have been shooting for several years. What is more, is I know that I am definitely not alone in my opinion of Front Sight.

I know several people who have attended Front Sight in the past. I found out about this by just talking about Front Sight with random people. I mentioned the school and got the response of, “Hey! I went there!” All of these people agree about the caliber of Front Sight’s gun training: that it’s the best. I chatted a bit with the students in my first gun training course at Front Sight. Everyone there was astounded at what they were learning. When I say everyone, I mean literally everyone. I did not get one review that was less than being in utter amazement.

Basically, when it comes to gun training, Front Sight is the place to go. The research and the reviews complement each other very well and prove that Front Sight is the best choice.

The Gift of Front Sight

July 28th, 2011

Many people sit and wonder for long periods of time what to get people for gifts. It is So and So’s birthday… what in the world should I get him? The Holidays are coming… I have no idea what to give to anyone. Every time you look at the calendar, someone else’s birthday is nearing or a holiday is coming up. I often stress about what to give people, thinking that my gift ideas are unoriginal, boring or not good enough. Do you feel me on that one? Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are both right around the corner. What are your gifting plans this year?

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers great gift ideas. From gun training courses to Front Sight Lifetime Memberships to something out of their spectacular Pro Shop, just about everyone would appreciate a gift from Front Sight.

Women and men should both get gun training. It might seem more obvious that men would want to get gun training because, well, it is considered manly and fun. When a man knows how to use a gun safely, quickly and effectively, he has a greater ability to protect his family as a father and a husband. Many men enjoy going to the shooting range with their buddies and showing off with what a great shot they are. Founder and Director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, offers intense gun training courses to fit all of these wants, needs and gun training goals. After one self defense training course with Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight, men will be able to better protect family members and will be able to impress their friends at the shooting range. Men find Front Sight fun, exciting and challenging, and it helps them embrace the masculine, protective blood in them.

On the other hand, women also find Front Sight extremely useful and fun. Women should know how to protect themselves and their loved ones, because, sadly, women are more prone to attack. If an attacker comes at a woman and she has been Front Sight trained, that attacker has little chance of succeeding. Ignatius Piazza trains women to be empowered, strong and nimble, so that their lives may become safer and they may become more confident in themselves and their abilities. To women, Front Sight is intellectually stimulating, ego boosting and gender equalizing, as they are put up to the same challenges as the men.

Ignatius Piazza quite often offers serious deals and discounts on Front Sight gun training. This year, it might be fun for you to think about giving away Front Sight gun training courses or lifetime memberships as gifts to your loved ones. Think about how much you enjoy your own Front Sight courses. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to share that life changing experience with the people you love? Keep a lookout at the Front Sight newsletter to see what deal Ignatius Piazza is going to conjure up next! If you are familiar with Ignatius Piazza, you know there is no telling what insane deal he is going to offer.

Making Your Gun Training Affordable

July 23rd, 2011

If you think you can’t afford the best quality gun training in the world, think again. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is currently offering some great deals that will make your gun training affordable.

Founder and director, Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, works hard to keep his gun training inexpensive so that everyday, average people can afford it. Too many gun training schools need you to pay so much money to get trained you would think you would need to be rich or famous to attend. But Front Sight is different. Ignatius Piazza does not care how much money you make or how much you have in your savings. He wants as many people to get good gun training as possible, so the world can become a safer place to live. You will be surprised at the crazy discounts he offers to students of Front Sight.

So how do I find out about these so called crazy discounts?

When you go onto Front Sight’s website, just sign up for the Free Front Sight Newsletter. Each day, Ignatius Piazza spends time creating this amazing newsletter so that you can have the newest information about what is going on at this gun training school. Updates and information change daily because there is always something new and exciting going on at Front Sight. You will want to take a look at your personal newsletter every day because Ignatius Piazza often throws in surprises that baffle everyone. I know the Front Sight Newsletter has dropped my jaw on numerous occasions. Let it be known that because I read the Front Sight Newsletter, I was able to secure myself a Front Sight Lifetime Membership at a price of a fraction of a penny on the dollar. It was such a ridiculous deal that I wondered if it was a typo. But no, it was not a typo, and I got three memberships. What I love most about this newsletter is that Dr. Ignatius Piazza actually writes it himself, so I know that I am always getting the best information possible.

What is a Lifetime Membership?

A Front Sight Lifetime Membership is another way to save on your gun training. Ignatius Piazza has put together several different packages that allow you to attend certain Front Sight courses as many times as you would like for the rest of your life. I have an All Inclusive Diamond Membership, meaning that any Front Sight course is free to me for the rest of my life. And remember… I got it on a deal that allowed me to buy three at one time. There are many different Lifetime Memberships that Ignatius Piazza offers, so if you don’t want to get an All Inclusive Membership right now, there are other options for you. Front Sight makes it easy for you to tailor your membership to your specific gun training needs.

Don’t go another day thinking that you can’t afford your self defense gun training. Ignatius Piazza gives you options at Front Sight.

Gun Training: What’s Stopping You?

July 20th, 2011

How many gun training schools that you know of will offer free tips and tricks on gun training? How many gun training schools that you know of will offer severely discounted gun training courses? How many gun training schools that you know of will offer free guns? Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute does all that and more.

You know you want to get gun training but there are one or more things standing in your way.

Can’t currently take the time or spend the money to get gun training? That’s okay. Ignatius Piazza offers FREE gun training reports and newsletters that will get you learning special shooting techniques in no time. You will read interesting facts about gun training, get tips on your shooting and learn a ton of innovative things that will make you think more about your personal shooting process. These gun training reports and newsletters are written by Ignatius Piazza himself, because he wants you to get the best quality information and become a better shooter, even if you are not yet prepared to spend money or time on professional gun training. When you are ready to take a trip to Front Sight, these reports will have you set up and primed to be an information sponge, absorbing more from your gun training that you would think would be possible.

Do you think gun training is too expensive? That’s okay, too. Ignatius Piazza offers insane deals and discounted prices on his gun training courses at Front Sight. If you sign up for the free Front Sight newsletter, you will be the first to hear about these deals. Some of his deals are limited, so if you are the first to know, you have a better chance at securing yourself the discounted prices. And no, I am not talking about the typical deals you see in stores, like, “Ten Percent Off!” or, “Buy Two, Get One Free!” I am talking about gun training courses for pennies on the dollar and thousands of dollars in discounts on Front Sight courses. Ignatius Piazza makes gun training affordable like no other gun training school.

Just want a free gun? Ignatius Piazza makes it possible to secure yourself a free gun… and he offers deals that include this quite often. Again, take a look at the Front Sight newsletter and you will see how often things like this occur. Ignatius Piazza is adamant about making gun training affordable, even if that means handing you a free gun. Take a look at how much guns typically cost and you will see that this is no chump change gift. Take advantage of Ignatius Piazza’s gifts to you.

So what is standing in your way? What do you need to happen in order to get your gun training? Take a look at Ignatius Piazza’s blogs, gun training reports and Front Sight newsletters. Give Front Sight a call or an email. Ignatius Piazza is there for you. He wants to take away your roadblocks so you can be on your way to a safer and more secure life.

Shoot Better Than A Professional: Gun Training That Works

July 8th, 2011

Does it seem like it would be a cool thing to do to be able to draw a gun from a concealed holster, aim, shoot and hit your target in a seemingly effortless manner? I think that sounds pretty neat. But let’s step it up a bit. Does it seem like it would be a cool thing to be able to do all that in 1.5 seconds? Wait. What?

Yes, I mean that from the time you start to the time you finish reading the word EXTRAORDINARY, you could have presented a gun from a concealed holster, aimed, shot and hit a target exactly where you wanted your bullet to hit. I don’t care who you are; that is extraordinary. And anyone can do it. (That includes you.) “But I have never even touched a gun in my life.” Okay. It still includes you.

How is this even possible? Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza makes it not only possible, but almost simple, when you attend a self defense gun training course at his gun training school called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. In four days or less, Ignatius Piazza can have you shooting faster and more accurately than you ever thought would be possible with a lifetime of gun training. “Those gun training courses at Front Sight must be DIFFICULT to get those kinds of results.” Actually, the Front Sight gun training courses are challenging, but they are perfectly suitable for even the most inexperienced of beginners. Like I mentioned earlier, even if you have never touched a gun before, Ignatius Piazza can train you to shoot better than the professionals.

Ignatius Piazza designed his gun training program at Front Sight to be able to cater to beginning shooters as well as advanced shooters. Both levels of students, as well as everyone in between, learn interesting things that will get them shooting safely, handling a gun correctly, shooting amazingly fast and refining their shooting accuracy to perfection. Front Sight’s curriculum is fast paced and challenging but at the same time, easy to keep up with and never leaves anyone behind. The balance of Ignatius Piazza’s lesson plan creates a great learning environment that is fitting to all experience levels, age groups and levels of physical strength.

“Let’s back up. Ignatius Piazza can have me shooting better than a professional shooter?” Yes. After your first self defense gun training course from Ignatius Piazza, you will have been taught the skills that can make you a better shooter than ninety nine percent of the gun owning population, and this includes people who use guns for a living. You will know secrets that ninety five percent of the gun using population have never been exposed to, and this includes people who have been professionally trained to serve and protect.

Front Sight’s gun training is no joke, and it is readily available to you. So, if you think that you would ever like to present your gun, aim and shoot on target in 1.5 seconds, or if you think that you would ever like to beat a professional shooter in a shooting competition, come take a look at Front Sight.