Be Ready For Anything With Front Sight’s Gun Training

November 9th, 2011

Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, combines gun training with real life. At his gun training school in Pahrump, Nevada, you will not find your regular, every day gun training courses. At Front Sight, Firearms Training Institute, you will find spectacular gun training that teaches you how to use a gun in real life so you can defend yourself when you need to. Regular gun training is all well and good, but it is not going to help you much when the man across the room is trying to kidnap your daughter or the masked figure comes up behind you at the ATM. Regular gun training teaches you how to shoot a gun at a steady target. Front Sight gun training teaches you how to shoot a gun at a steady target, at a moving target, in the dark and in high stress situations, making your learning experience much more effective.

Former chiropractor, Ignatius Piazza learned how necessary real life gun training is in 1988. He owned guns and shot them regularly at the range. He was a pretty decent shooter and was confident in his abilities. Then, when a drive by shooting ravaged his neighborhood, he realized that he lacked the skills he needed to protect his family in such a high stress level. When put to the test, he realized that he did not know how to use a gun in actual self defense. What good is owning a gun if you do not know how to use it to save a life, defend yourself or protect your family? So, Ignatius Piazza set out to get some real life gun training.

He found it difficult to find the gun training that he wanted. Each gun training school had one thing and lacked another. He became frustrated, finding that there was not a gun training school out there that taught amazing courses, was convenient to his busy schedule and was at least somewhat affordable. However, that frustration turned into determination.

Ignatius Piazza sought out all the gun training he possibly could over the next few years, practiced for thousands and thousands of hours and then tested to become a Four Weapons Combat Master. At the time, only one man in the world had ever become one, and Ignatius Piazza decided that he was going to become the second. He succeeded, and to this day, only a handful of other men carry that title. Having achieved such a rare certification, Ignatius Piazza is definitely a cut above the rest.

Knowing how difficult it was for himself to find the gun training he wanted, Ignatius Piazza decided to open Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, a place where people from all over the world can come to find the highest quality gun training available to the world today that is both conveniently scheduled and affordable. Front Sight trains students how to defend themselves and their loved ones in real, life threatening situations of all sorts, so that they never have to feel the fear and disappointment that he felt on that night in 1988.