A Recipe for Success: Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

August 8th, 2011

What makes Front Sight Firearms Training Institute the best gun training school in the world? Well, there are a lot of factors that go into it. A mix of the most innovated and proven curriculum, dedicated gun training instructors, a director with a philanthropic heart, a staff that actually cares and students that make it all worth while blend together to create the perfect recipe for a gun training school that can change and save lives.

Founder and Director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, attended a bunch of gun training schools before creating Front Sight. He studied a lot and trained very hard, putting in thousands upon thousands of hours of shooting practice and research, designing what he saw as the perfect gun training school. While attending gun training courses across the nation, Ignatius Piazza noticed that some gun training schools excelled in one area but lacked in others. Pretty much every gun training school he came across had both strengths and weaknesses. But what would happen if there were a gun training school with only strengths? Front Sight Firearms Training Institute combines what Ignatius Piazza saw as the strengths of each of these schools, and leaves out the weaknesses, creating that dream gun training school. As a student of Front Sight, when I am asked what the best part of my first self defense handgun training course was, I usually answer quite honestly. “Everything.”

The gun training instructors at Front Sight are truly dedicated. That first day of my first course, I showed little to no promise. I was one of the worse shooters in my class. My instructors did not neglect me. In fact, they gave me just as much attention as everyone else, working with me and explaining things to me, staying after class to answer my questions and walking me through the difficult tasks every step of the way. By the end of my first Front Sight course, I really felt as if I had learned invaluable information. On top of that, I could shoot a target exactly where I aimed. That’s a big improvement over just a few days’ time, especially when on day one I was rarely even hitting my target at all.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his staff members are all extremely knowledgeable and caring. Not only does Ignatius Piazza actively participate in charities and run his own philanthropic organization, he cares about his students and really wants them to be safe and successful. His team members are all educated in the field of gun training and answer all questions quickly, fully and patiently. The staff members at Front Sight really made me feel comfortable and more like a friend than a customer, making my learning curve grow stronger.

Thanks to the testimonials and personal recommendations from students of Front Sight, the gun training school has been able to grow to a level of enormous stature. It is recognized as the number one gun training school in the world and has kept that title for several years. To completely understand the pure awesomeness that is Front Sight, you’ve got to check it out for yourself. Go ahead and see it, then tell me how much you agree!

Laws For Gun Training

July 3rd, 2011

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the number one gun training school in the world. In April of 1996, it started with just a few students in one handgun training course. Since then, Front Sight has grown to a huge degree, giving thousands and thousands of students a place to go to get great gun training every year.

Even though Front Sight houses that many students every year, each student still receives undivided attention on and off the shooting range. Founder and Director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, requires this from his gun training instructors. At Front Sight, safety is the number one priority. Front Sight’s gun training courses are a lot of fun, yes, but they are also very, very safe. The instructors maintain an attitude of professionalism and safety without having a boot camp like persona. At Front Sight, students learn everything they need to know about proper gun handling, while staying completely safe and having fun, making Front Sight an optimal learning environment.

Today, that one handgun training course from 1996 has multiplied into over four hundred courses throughout the year in various types of gun training, such as shotgun training, rifle training and automatic weapons training. One look at a Front Sight gun training course and it is obvious as to why Front Sight exploded in such a manner. Ignatius Piazza offers the best gun training you can find. Millions of people have already figured this out. We just want to spread the word to everyone else.

Ignatius Piazza wants to positively change the world and the world’s views on firearms. There are many people out there today that think guns are bad and should just be outlawed. But the idea that “guns are bad” is an incomplete thought. Guns can be bad and are dangerous in untrained hands. They are powerful weapons and if someone does not know how to safely use them, then yes, this is where a gun is not good. However, a gun in the hands of someone who has had gun training like the gun training Ignatius Piazza offers at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute can be an incredible tool of self defense. In a situation where the handler is properly trained, a gun can offer protection like no other weapon, fist or threatening word to an attacker.

The bad thing about outlawing guns is that the bad guys will still have them. If someone is going to be breaking the law anyway, a law against a gun is not going to keep that person from using one. All the ban on guns will do is put the innocent people at risk because they won’t be able to protect themselves as well. Protecting yourself with a knife or your fists is not so comforting when your opponent has a gun.

The law shouldn’t be against guns. It should be FOR gun training. If you want to use or own a gun, you should have to have proper gun training. You can come get that gun training from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight. Check out Front Sight’s website and see what courses are available to you today!

Front Sight Employees: Customer Service at its Best

May 2nd, 2011

When I walk into a store or a restaurant and the customer service stinks, it really puts a damper on my visit. I am stubborn and do not usually ever want to do business with that company again… and it tends to put me in a bad mood and mess with the rest of my day. It is also really annoying when employees don’t know what they are talking about. You ask a questions and they obviously fake an answer or tell you they don’t know… and don’t find someone to help. It makes me wonder why they are even there in the first place. Are you like me? Is customer service and employee knowledge important to you?

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is NOT one of those places. This is a place where the employees are kind, energetic, compassionate AND knowledgeable about their craft. Front Sight is known to have the best gun training information around and have the best gun training instructors. But founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, went beyond the norm when hiring and training his employees. It is easy to see that Ignatius Piazza only hires people who really get it.

Besides having the best gun training information and the best instructors, the customer service at Front Sight is second to absolutely none. The instructors and other employees of Ignatius Piazza are all highly trained in their positions as well as customer service. You will find that at Front Sight, you will receive better customer service than you have ever received at any other business in your life. While focusing on gun safety, all Front Sight employees are patient and put students at ease. There are no boot camp like attitudes from any Front Sight team member, no unkind words spoken and no neglect. Each Front Sight student gets an amazing amount of attention from his or her instructor and is treated like a family member. Well… a family member that you like.

In addition to the upbeat and friendly attitude you will get from all Front Sight employees, you will find that each and every person that works for Ignatius Piazza is very knowledgeable about the gun world and gun training. This is because they all have received gun training at Front Sight. They have all studied under Ignatius Piazza and can handle a weapon with safety, speed and accuracy. AND they are ready and willing to help you with anything that you need help with. Call up Front Sight today and see for yourself. Even if you are like I was and ask numerous difficult questions, I guarantee you that you will be greeted with a patient and quick response.

If you go to a restaurant and you know that your server will not eat there, what does that say about their food? On the other hand, like I said, all Front Sight employees have been trained at Front Sight, attend ongoing Front Sight gun training courses and support Ignatius Piazza one hundred percent.

Front Sight: Fifteen Years and Counting!

April 29th, 2011

For almost fifteen years, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has been providing the world’s greatest gun training to law abiding citizens from all over the country. Front Sight has been a place where people of all ages and all walks of life can come together for a common bond: to learn self defense and family protection. Founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, created Front Sight with a goal in mind: to positively change the world. So far, he has been doing just that! Every year, Ignatius Piazza provides thousands upon thousands of students with the world’s best gun training, to make them safer, more confident and more aware of themselves and their surroundings. Each year, Front Sight AT LEAST doubles in size and it is on track to do it again for the fifteenth year in a row. Ignatius Piazza is really on to something!

So how does he do it? Well, first, he had to make sure that he, himself, knew what he was talking about. He studied and trained for years with the best gun training instructors in the world at the time (Ignatius Piazza literally put in THOUSANDS of hours of gun training on the range) and became a Four Weapons Combat Master. Being a Four Weapons Combat Master is something only a few people in the world have been able to accomplish, and Ignatius Piazza was the second man in the world to do it. So yeah, I guess you can say he now knows what he is talking about when he talks about guns!

He then carefully sifted through his gun training experience and separated the good and the not so good and created a gun training program that included only the best of the best information. This is why students only find useful gun training at Front Sight. There is no arbitrary information given by the gun training instructors at this school; it is all vitally important to a student’s gun training and experience.

After creating a gun training program with the best possible information, Ignatius Piazza knew that the best way to get this information to students is through men and women who also really knew what they were talking about when it came to gun training. Therefore, during the Front Sight Gun Training Instructor hiring process, Ignatius Piazza holds candidates to the same standards he holds for himself… meaning he will not hire a sub par gun training instructor. Ever. On your first day at Front Sight, this will become apparent. Each Front Sight Range Master will introduce himself and tell about his training and experience, share his accomplishments and prove to you why he earned his place with Ignatius Piazza. You will be amazed at the experience these instructors have.

It will be easily obvious to you, as a Front Sight student, why Front Sight is ranked the number one gun training school in the world. Come see what it is all about and help Ignatius Piazza celebrate Front Sight’s fifteenth birthday this April! You will learn more than you would ever believe!

Gun Training That Works

March 28th, 2011

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the gun training school located in Pahrump, Nevada, will blow your mind. A man named Dr. Ignatius Piazza founded Front Sight so he could spread a positive word about guns and gun training, showing that they can be a wonderful tool of self defense if they are used correctly. When you attend Front Sight’s self defense gun training courses, you will immediately know why it is ranked the number one gun training school in the world. Offering a number of gun training courses such as defensive handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training, automatic weapons training, night gun training, gun training for women, teen gun training and gun training for professionals, Ignatius Piazza’s Front Sight Firearms Training Institute trains thousands upon thousands of students every year.

Front Sight offers gun training courses that fit into your busy schedule. At Front Sight, you will receive world class gun training. In just a few days, you will learn more than you thought possible about using a gun for self defense. At the end of your first self defense gun training course at Front Sight, you will have shooting skills that surpass those of ninety nine percent of the gun owning population, and that includes people that use guns for a living.

During my four day defensive handgun training course at Front Sight, I talked with a bunch of other students about what they were learning from the gun training instructors there. Every single one of them was absolutely perplexed by how much they were learning. One of the men makes his living as a gun training instructor at another school. He said flat out to me, “I am amazed at how much I didn’t know about shooting. I have learned so much already!” (This was on day one of our gun training.) He and his son are now first family members at Front Sight. Come on now! If that doesn’t show the impressiveness of Front Sight, I don’t know what does.

Before attending Front Sight, I had no experience with a handgun. After just four days with Ignatius Piazza’s gun training instructors, in our last shooting exercise, I shot at the target. I was a bit disappointed when I didn’t immediately see my bullet hole. Holding my gun out in front of me, thinking that I missed my target, I moved my hand slightly. The front sight of my gun had been blocking the bullet hole from my view! I had hit EXACTLY where I had aimed. Pretty cool. I shot again. Same thing. I shot again. Same thing. In four days at Front Sight, with no prior gun training, Ignatius Piazza’s instructors had trained me to hit exactly on target every single time.

If Front Sight can help me, it can help you, as well. I was no good before I attended my first gun training course. Seriously, I was totally “THAT” girl that didn’t know what she was doing. By the end of my gun training at Front Sight, I was a different type of “THAT” girl. It was definitely a positive change!