The Chronicles of Front Sight: My Experience, Part Four

September 2nd, 2011

One of the great things about Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is that Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his team of highly professional gun training instructors actually give you REAL LIFE GUN TRAINING. This means they do not just teach you how to shoot some bullets through a paper target. They teach you how to use a gun in real life threatening situations, like robberies, brutal attacks and home invasions. Through lectures, demonstrations and hands on training based on real life scenario based gun training sessions, Front Sight offers the most effective and most fun gun training available to the world today.

When I attended my first self defense gun training course at Front Sight, I got to participate in a home invasion scenario. As I mentioned in an earlier post, yes, I got to shoot bad guys and save good guys. The lecture that opened this phase of my gun training had to do with the proper way to walk through doors. When the gun training instructor first opened his lecture, I was thinking, “Really? They are going to teach us how to walk through a door?” But after hearing the lecture it all started to make sense. And then we got to practice.

Basically, Front Sight will teach that the way you open a door and walk through it can keep you safe or put you at an open risk to get shot. Which of the two options sounds better to you? That is probably not a difficult decision to make. Ignatius Piazza was extremely thorough when putting together each part of his gun training program, and this part was no exception. So, Front Sight’s gun training instructors will teach you where to stand when opening a door, how to open it, how to clear the room to make sure you are walking into safe territory and at what angle to walk through the doorway. All of this is utilized when experiencing the home invasion scenario.

Ignatius Piazza’s gun training instructors set the scene for you. In my scenario, my gun training instructor explained that I was coming home for a dinner party and could hear screams inside the house. We didn’t know how many bad guys there were, but one of them had my sister. My job was to go in, kill the bad guys and save my sister. I was thinking, “Great. I’m probably going to end up shooting the wrong person.” My Front Sight instructor calmed me down a bit and we were off. I opened the door and immediately had to kill a bad guy. The speed of it all really put things into perspective. This was a lot different than shooting stationary targets. Here, we didn’t know when there would be a bad guy AND we had to decide whether it was a bad guy or a good guy before we shot. It all happens fast! I started to clear the room and saw a guy with a grenade at the other end of the house. I backed up behind the wall and asked my gun training instructor, “When I am peeking around to aim at him, at what point can he see me?” My Front Sight instructor responded that with the way that I was standing, he could see my foot. I was going to have to shoot NOW with no time to aim. I jumped into the hallway and… BAM! BAM! I fired my two shots to the thoracic cavity.

Did I hit him? We will find out later, in The Chronicles of Front Sight: My Experience, Part Five!

Shoot Better Than A Professional: Gun Training That Works

July 8th, 2011

Does it seem like it would be a cool thing to do to be able to draw a gun from a concealed holster, aim, shoot and hit your target in a seemingly effortless manner? I think that sounds pretty neat. But let’s step it up a bit. Does it seem like it would be a cool thing to be able to do all that in 1.5 seconds? Wait. What?

Yes, I mean that from the time you start to the time you finish reading the word EXTRAORDINARY, you could have presented a gun from a concealed holster, aimed, shot and hit a target exactly where you wanted your bullet to hit. I don’t care who you are; that is extraordinary. And anyone can do it. (That includes you.) “But I have never even touched a gun in my life.” Okay. It still includes you.

How is this even possible? Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza makes it not only possible, but almost simple, when you attend a self defense gun training course at his gun training school called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. In four days or less, Ignatius Piazza can have you shooting faster and more accurately than you ever thought would be possible with a lifetime of gun training. “Those gun training courses at Front Sight must be DIFFICULT to get those kinds of results.” Actually, the Front Sight gun training courses are challenging, but they are perfectly suitable for even the most inexperienced of beginners. Like I mentioned earlier, even if you have never touched a gun before, Ignatius Piazza can train you to shoot better than the professionals.

Ignatius Piazza designed his gun training program at Front Sight to be able to cater to beginning shooters as well as advanced shooters. Both levels of students, as well as everyone in between, learn interesting things that will get them shooting safely, handling a gun correctly, shooting amazingly fast and refining their shooting accuracy to perfection. Front Sight’s curriculum is fast paced and challenging but at the same time, easy to keep up with and never leaves anyone behind. The balance of Ignatius Piazza’s lesson plan creates a great learning environment that is fitting to all experience levels, age groups and levels of physical strength.

“Let’s back up. Ignatius Piazza can have me shooting better than a professional shooter?” Yes. After your first self defense gun training course from Ignatius Piazza, you will have been taught the skills that can make you a better shooter than ninety nine percent of the gun owning population, and this includes people who use guns for a living. You will know secrets that ninety five percent of the gun using population have never been exposed to, and this includes people who have been professionally trained to serve and protect.

Front Sight’s gun training is no joke, and it is readily available to you. So, if you think that you would ever like to present your gun, aim and shoot on target in 1.5 seconds, or if you think that you would ever like to beat a professional shooter in a shooting competition, come take a look at Front Sight.

Peer Gun Training Education

June 16th, 2011

When I was a freshman in high school, I was pretty good at math. In my geometry class, I did very well. I was not THE best, but I can easily say that I was probably above the average. Proofs killed me, but they killed everyone so it was not really that big of a deal. Then one day, my teacher sat a senior down next to me, introduced us and told me that it was my job to make her pass the class. Sharon (not actually her name… I changed that) had a decently low F in the class at that point in time, and she needed to quickly learn geometry or she was not going to graduate. So I taught her.

Every day, I learned what the teacher taught and then re-taught it to Sharon. We spent time together and she asked questions and I had to answer them… even though we were both learning the same information. Sharon ended up going from that F to a C and she graduated with her friends. That was awesome… but it wasn’t my big triumph. I had a different win. The class was silent as we all worked on our class work. I heard my own voice break the silence when I unconsciously said, “Oh my gosh… I get it!” I was, of course, talking about the proof that no one else in the class could figure out, and I was immediately hounded for an explanation. I finished the class with the highest grade and went on to secure myself a similar position in a number of math courses following. My point? My point is not to say I’m pretty good at math. My point is to say that when you have to teach someone something, it greatly improves your own skill in the area. You learn faster and retain more, while helping someone else do the same.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute’s gun training program practices these techniques. In each gun training course you attend at Front Sight, founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, will have you pair up with someone in your class. This will be your buddy, and you will help each other through the course. You watch their form and correct it where needed, offer them feedback and basically become their own personal gun training instructor. Similarly, they do the same for you. Of course, each gun training course at Front Sight is taught by seasoned professionals who will supervise and offer personal training as much as humanly possible, but in order for each course to maintain the highest level of safety, each person holding a gun will always be supervised by another student. You will be amazed at how much you will learn when you need to help another student learn.

During my first gun training course at Front Sight, I paired up with someone who had taken a course there previously. He taught me so much… and even though I was a complete beginner, I was able to help him, too. Coming out of that gun training course, I know that I learned more than I could have if everything was just handed to me. Having to help someone else learn forced me to really internalize the information because if I cheated, he would suffer. The concept of peer education helped me indisputably. It goes without saying that Ignatius Piazza really knew what he was doing when he set up Front Sight’s gun training program.

Gun Training For All Types of Students

November 20th, 2010

Different types of learning styles can greatly affect the way someone learns information. People typically learn in one of three different ways: By Hearing (auditory), By Seeing (visual), or By Doing (kinesthetic). Say two people listen to the same lecture. If one of those people is an auditory learner and one is a kinesthetic learner, the auditory learner is going to get more out of the lecture than the other person. Dr. Ignatius Piazza has made it easy for anyone who wants to get gun training to learn and actually absorb the information, regardless of anyone’s learning style. This means that when you decide you want to get gun training, it doesn’t matter how you learn best, because Ignatius Piazza has tailored his gun training school to cater to everyone.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute’s gun training instructors please auditory learners by providing awesome lectures on gun safety, how to use a gun, shooting stance and many other aspects of firearms training. The lectures are thorough and really concentrate on getting the information presented in a way everyday people can understand. (Meaning you do not have to know everything about guns to understand the lectures!) If you are a person that zones out easily during lectures, do not worry! Front Sight’s lectures are captivating and will keep your attention. The gun training instructors at Front Sight are highly trained not only in shooting technique, but also teaching technique. Even if you are like me and have an attention span of roughly six seconds, the gun training lectures at Front Sight will keep you engaged.

Maybe you want to get gun training but are a visual learner. For these people, hearing the information is great, but does not do much. Front Sight instructors demonstrate every technique in an informative and entertaining manner. Now that you have heard the proper way to handle a gun, it is time for you to see it. Instructors will show you things like exactly how to hold your gun, how to stand while prepping to shoot and how to accurately aim. You will get to see the shooting process in action, helping your mind retain the information.

Then there are people like me: kinesthetic learners. Telling me how to do something or showing me how to do something is somewhat helpful, but chances are, I will forget the information shortly. I learn best by doing. Ignatius Piazza created a hands on tactical gun training portion of his firearms training program to accommodate kinesthetic learners. Here, students learn by actually shooting guns hundreds of times. They also get to act out real life scenarios, such as robberies or muggings, so they will be better equipped to defend themselves outside of the gun training school.

Front Sight’s gun training program layers all three aspects in a precise manner, so that students can best retain what they learn. People who have attended Front Sight will agree that they learned quickly and easily and then actually remembered the stuff they learned. Whichever learning style best suits you is great. You will find it at Front Sight.