Front Sight: Where You Can Afford Quality and Convenience

December 9th, 2011

If you have been searching for a good place to find gun training, you can stop. I have found some information for you, so you do not have to look any further. Now, getting gun training is easy and convenient for any schedule and any budget. Four Weapons Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza invites you to check out his gun training school in Pahrump, Nevada, if you want the best quality gun training you can receive.

Front Sight’s gun training courses have many great qualities, but the three main strengths are what stick out the most. Not coincidentally, these three strengths are what most people look for when searching for gun training. Front Sight is: the greatest quality gun training in the world, convenient to most any schedule and affordable.

Ignatius Piazza’s gun training courses at Front Sight have been ranked number one in the world. Front Sight is the best gun training school, serving more students than all of the other gun training schools available to the general populous. Front Sight gun training instructors are trained heavily, making them able to give one on one attention to each student, answer questions quickly and thoroughly, keep the courses interesting and help every student largely improve their shooting skills, regardless of their gun training history or experience. After one gun training course at Front Sight, even beginning shooters can have shooting skills and abilities that surpass those of ninety nine percent of the gun owning population. Front Sight definitely offers the best gun training around.

Ignatius Piazza offers a huge number of gun training courses throughout the year. Students can participate in handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training or automatic weapons training, as well as night gun training, shooting skill building and many other intense courses, depending on each individual’s gun training goals and needs. Front Sight courses are available in all date ranges, including four day gun training, two day gun training and even half day gun training courses. Each Front Sight gun training course is offered several times throughout the year, so no matter what someone’s schedule is like and whichever course they would prefer to take next, Front Sight can accommodate.

Front Sight’s gun training courses are more affordable than those from other gun training schools. Ignatius Piazza is constantly offering discounts and deals, available to every law abiding citizen, because he knows that more people than just the rich need and want gun training. The first people who receive word of these incredible deals are the people who sign up for Ignatius Piazza’s FREE Front Sight Newsletter. Not only does Ignatius Piazza offer gun training discounts and special deals on his courses, he helps people save even more money by offering a variety of Front Sight Lifetime Memberships, which can take the cost of a gun training course down to virtually nothing. Being a family man, Ignatius Piazza knows that many other costs need to be included in the budget, so he has made Front Sight as conveniently priced as possible. With Front Sight, your budget does not have to be adversely affected.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the one gun training school that will get you the most bang for your buck. So now you can stop looking and start looking into Front Sight!

Front Sight: Are You Putting Yourself at Risk?

January 23rd, 2011

Standing at the open front door of the house, creeping around the edge, I see a man at the other end of the house holding a grenade. I quickly lean back, holding my gun at the ready position, thinking about what to do next. I ask my gun training instructor, “At what point can this guy see me?” He answers, “Well, with the way your foot is positioned, he can see you already. You better shoot him now before he throws that grenade.” Within three quarters of a second, I have stepped into the doorway, pointed in at the guy and shot him twice in the thoracic cavity. No one is blowing up my house today.

Where am I? I am in Pahrump, Nevada, at Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training school called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, taking a Four Day Defensive Handgun Training Course. Don’t worry… the guy I shot was just a paper target. But what if he was real?

I have friends that regularly go shooting, either at a range or somewhere out in the desert. They take their guns, their ammunition, their gear and go have a good time shooting paper targets and clay pigeons. They have never had professional gun training, but they talk about how awesome they are with a gun because they have been shooting dozens of times over a period of several years. They keep guns in their homes because they think they’ll be able to stop an intruder. But do they know that if an intruder comes into their houses, everything matters? Everything down to how you walk down the hall or through a doorway can change the way that intruder reacts to your presence… or can keep your presence a secret. How would you exit your bedroom and walk down the hall to get your kids if you heard the sound of breaking glass on the other side of the house? Most people simply say, “As fast as possible.” But did you know that there is a way that can get you to your kids safely, and there is a way that is more likely to get you killed?

Don’t be intimidated if you don’t know these things. Ignatius Piazza is able to help you with that at his gun training school called Front Sight. Wait, why would I learn how to walk through A DOOR at a gun training school? Shouldn’t I be learning how to shoot? Trust me, you will learn how to shoot a gun safely and better than anyone you know. But at this gun training school, you will also learn literally EVERYTHING ELSE you need to know about using a gun safely and effectively for self defense, from way before you ever grab your gun until dealing with law enforcement and the courts, including… yes, you guessed it… how to walk through a door correctly.

Front Sight’s gun training program is definitely the most complete gun training program you will find. Ignatius Piazza left nothing out when designing Front Sight’s curriculum. So, let me ask you… is the way you walk through a door putting you at risk?

Front Sight’s Family Safe Forever

September 5th, 2010

I want my entire family to be safe. Does this sound like something you would say? If so, there are a couple ways you can go about making sure your family is protected. The first is to get trained in how to offer family protection, through avenues such as self defense training and gun training. When you are adequately trained in these areas, you can thoroughly protect your family if a dangerous situation arises. However, what about those times that you are not there? You may be at work. You may be out of town. Heck, you may have just happened to step in the shower at the moment a strange person enters your house… and you may not hear the commotion. Every member of your family needs to be able to protect himself or herself in times like this. Fact is, you can’t always be there right behind your spouse and each of your kids all at the same time. There is not anything wrong with this idea; it is just a fact of life. It would be odd if husband, wife and kids all walked around together, all day, every day and had no lives of their own. It just wouldn’t happen. So, let’s get our kids prepared to protect themselves so they can be safe always.

Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza directs a gun training school in Nevada called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. It is the world’s unrivaled leader in the gun training industry, offering the best quality gun training, knife training and self defense training you can find. No other gun training school in the world even comes close to the caliber of Front Sight. The instructors at Front Sight are top notch. Front Sight’s curriculum is intense and thorough, teaching every detail about gun handling. And, the environment at Front Sight is comfortable, relaxing and fun, making students actually want to be there.

Ignatius Piazza knows what it is like to want his entire family to be safe. At Front Sight, Ignatius Piazza offers a program called Family Safe Forever, which focuses on the safety of the entire family, not just teaching you how to protect them yourself. Ignatius Piazza has created a child safety training course for kids age five to ten and a youth safety training course for kids eleven to fifteen. In these courses, children and youth learn many ways of how to avoid dangerous situations and how to escape from these situations if they could not be prevented. Students grow in physical and emotional strength, become more confident in themselves and their abilities and get to have fun doing it.

Once a teenager is sixteen, he or she can participate in Ignatius Piazza’s Edged Weapons Training Course and learn how to use a knife for self defense. Many places that do not allow guns actually allow knives, so it is a smart idea to be trained to use both tools. Also, this Front Sight course is crucial for teens, because knives are easier for teens to gain possession of. A teen gang member is likely to be carrying a knife as his weapon of choice, mainly because of the convenience. This incredible course will even teach students how to ward off multiple attackers by using a single knife.

For adults and teens age thirteen and up, Front Sight has an Empty Hands Self Defense Course which teaches students all the effective techniques of how to confront and respond to any attack when using a gun or a knife for self defense is not an option. Students learn how to control a situation, rather than let a situation control them.

Keeping your family safe is likely extremely important to you. Being a husband and a father, it is important to Ignatius Piazza, as well. At Front Sight, you will find the best courses available for your family, so you don’t have to worry about them when you are not there!

Front Sight: Gun Training and Then Some

August 20th, 2010

Every day, people’s lives are changing and getting better. Hundreds of thousands of people have found that their daily lives can be safer and more comfortable. They learned this by attending a gun training course from Dr. Ignatius Piazza at his world famous gun training school, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada. Front Sight has offered the world’s best gun training, knife training and self defense training for fourteen years.

Front Sight opened in April of 1996 with just a few students and one basic gun training course. Since then, because of superior course content, amazing instructors and phenomenal direction from Four Weapons Combat Master, Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight has grown to be the number one gun training school in the world. On the 550 acre shooting ground, students from all over the country learn gun safety and precision gun handling, shooting speed and accuracy, perfect stance and the most effective tips to improve the quality and efficiency of their shooting. No other gun training school comes close to the caliber of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. But Front Sight is more than just great gun training.

Founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, chose the location of Front Sight expertly. The perfect blend of desert and mountains makes for a great mix of landscapes that can please the eyes of just about anyone. Located conveniently near the exciting city of Las Vegas, Front Sight’s break time backdrop is advantageous for all different types of people. Students who enjoy the nightlife can spend their days training at Front Sight and their evenings out on the town, taking in the bright lights on the strip. Students who prefer to have downtime and relaxation can spend their evenings soaking in the clean and crisp air, fine dining and sight seeing of beautiful Pahrump, Nevada. There is not a location that could have suited Front Sight better!

Front Sight’s gun training courses are available to a wide range of people. Ignatius Piazza offers highly educational courses to men, women and teens, and even offers child safety training and youth safety training. It is a great place to learn with your family because Front Sight has courses for everyone. Thousands of families take family vacations every year to visit Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight, and return home with a greater awareness, sense of safety and respect for those around them. Families grow together at Front Sight.

In addition to growing as a family, Front Sight trains individuals to grow personally. The comfort of skill at arms brings along many other powerful, positive emotions. Students leave their Front Sight gun training courses with a new-found confidence in themselves, a greater sense of physical and emotional strength and a serene feeling of safety and security.

Growing individually and growing as a family are both important, but so is the chance to build strong friendships. Time and time again, lifelong friendships are born among Front Sight students. People from every side of the spectrum come together and enjoy each other’s company, support each other’s progress and cheer each other on, connecting on a special level. Even if a student knows no one going into a Front Sight gun training course, that person may leave with several new and influential friends.

Once a student attends a gun training course with Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight, it becomes apparent that Front Sight is more than a gun training school. It is a place to expand upon every aspect of life.