Ignatius Piazza Helps Women

January 28th, 2011

Do you have to be a member of SWAT, a seasoned military officer, a gun training instructor or an Army sniper in order to shoot like one? Nope.

Now for the real question. Do you have to be a man in order to handle a weapon and shoot like any of those guys? Nope.

As a woman in her twenties, I was excited, yet somewhat apprehensive, to attend my first Front Sight Firearms Training Institute’s Four Day Defensive Handgun Training Course. But let me tell you, by the end of my first day in my handgun training course at Front Sight, those apprehensive feelings were long gone. By the middle of my second day on the Front Sight shooting range, I was surprised at how much my gun handling skills had improved. After four days with the Front Sight gun training instructors, I looked back at my time and literally could not believe how much I had learned, how much I had done, and that I was able to shoot EXACTLY where I aimed. No kidding… I couldn’t even see the bullet hole because the front sight of my gun was in the way.

The Front Sight gun training instructors do not discriminate. Everyone gets the same amount of attention: a lot. I felt like I was taking a private lesson for four days during my handgun training course. Normally, people would think, “Well, you’re a woman with a gun. Of COURSE you’re going to get extra attention!”

So I asked around among the boys in my gun training group, “Do you feel like you’re getting lots of personal attention from the Front Sight instructors?” The answers were always the same: YES.

It is essential for women to learn self defense. Typically, (not always, but typically) we are smaller, weaker and more desirable targets. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight, will get you that self defense training you need and deserve. Maybe you do not care if you shoot as well as a guy that shoots guns for a living. All you want to do is stop the bad guy, right? Well, there is a fifty percent rule. That means your shots in the heat of the moment when you are being attacked are not going to be as accurate as you practiced at the range. You’ll be shooting at about fifty percent. So, if you get gun training that makes you an acceptable shooter, gives you just enough experience or even makes it so you can hit your target most of the time, good luck to you if you have to use a gun to save your life or the life of a loved one. I don’t know about you, but if I’m being attacked, I want to actually stop the guy… not just piss him off. Ignatius Piazza and the gun training instructors at Front Sight have a goal of making you a perfect shooter, so when your life counts on your shots, you’ll have a greater chance of getting out alive.