Front Sight Protects You When the Police Can’t… Or Won’t

December 25th, 2011

Getting gun training is more necessary than you might think. One might think that if a woman had a restraining order against a man and the man threatened her or her children, the police would be obligated to protect them if she called them. Nope. Did you know that under Supreme Court Ruling, the police do not have an obligation to protect any individual? It is true. They only have an obligation to protect society as a whole. The Supreme Court case of Gonzales v. Castle Rock is just one of the many instances that proves this. Jessica Gonzales had her three children kidnapped by her ex husband, who ended up killing the kids. All the while Gonzales called police and begged them to help her, but they would not do anything… even though she read the restraining order that stated to the police that they needed “to use every reasonable effort to protect the children to prevent violence.”

Hartzler v. City of San Jose is another case that demonstrates this saddening fact. Ruth Brunell called the police on twenty different occasions, telling them that her husband was on his way to come kill her. They stated that she should call them when he got there. Yeah… he got there… and he killed her. Was the police department found guilty? No. The police have no obligation to protect individuals.

I have been familiar with this concept for quite some time and it sickens me each time I think about it. From the wise word’s of my friend’s Facebook status, “Who is obligated to protect me then? ME!” You are exactly right, Facebook friend that will remain unnamed. We owe it to ourselves to get self defense training and gun training so that we can protect ourselves when the police won’t. What would you do if you were being threatened and the police refused to protect you?

Get yourself some gun training from Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada. You will be glad you did. Front Sight is the number one gun training school in the entire world, doing more business and serving more students than all of the other gun training schools in the world combined. Ignatius Piazza combines well planned and executed educational lectures and interesting gun training demonstrations with exciting, hands on tactical gun training to create the world’s best gun training program. Just a few minutes on one of Front Sight’s shooting ranges and you will realize exactly why Front Sight is the top gun training school in the world.

There is no better way to feel safe than with Ignatius Piazza’s intense self defense gun training program at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight’s courses are tailored to help beginner shooters as well as advanced shooters… so no matter where you currently stand with your gun training, you can learn how to protect yourself and offer family protection, just in case the police choose not to.