Front Sight: Can You Defend Yourself If You Aren’t Physically Strong?

May 25th, 2012

What do you do to keep yourself safe? Some people work out virtually non stop and make sure to have strong muscles and high endurance. Others pay thousands of dollars on various self defense training courses. Others just hope that nothing threatening will ever happen to them and take their chances. I attend gun training courses at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is ranked the number one gun training school in the world. Not only does Front Sight offer gun training that is rivaled by no other, founder and director, Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza also offers other forms of affordable self defense training. Ignatius Piazza offers self defense training such as edged weapons training, empty hands self defense training, youth safety training and child safety training, to name a few.

I have a First Family Lifetime Membership at Front Sight, which allows me to take any of the courses offered as many times as I want for the rest of my life at no additional cost. That means that I am getting the best gun training and self defense training that I can possibly get, AND I don’t have to pay for it ever again! That sounds a bit better than paying thousands of dollars for various self defense training courses, doesn’t it?

One of the things that Ignatius Piazza teaches in his gun training and self defense training courses at Front Sight is that size, physical strength and age do not have to be limiting factors in your safety. After attending one of Ignatius Piazza’s courses at Front Sight, you will have the ability to protect yourself from someone that is twice your size and strength or more. Yes, taking good physical care of yourself if helpful and healthy, but you can still protect yourself without it. That sounds a bit better than working out non stop, right?

As much as we hope that we are one of the lucky ones and nothing threatening will ever happen to us, our logical minds know that this is just too risky. We need to be prepared to handle threatening situations. If we happen to be lucky and never get threatened, then great. We were prepared anyway. If we don’t prepare ourselves and something threatening happens, where would we be? Ignatius Piazza’s gun training courses at Front Sight prepare students for all different kinds of threatening situations, so that they will be prepared for as many things as possible. I have never seen a gun training program or self defense training program that better prepares students than Front Sight. Sounds much better than always being worried that something threatening might happen or just being aloof to the world, yes?

All in all, when you decide that it is time to learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones, Front Sight is definitely the place to go. Front Sight offers affordable, practical and effective self defense training and gun training courses that will prepare you for anything