Gun Training: What’s Your Hobby?

November 9th, 2012

Some people get gun training to learn how to use a gun for self defense. Other people just like shooting guns at the range. It is an exhilarating and liberating experience for many people. So, let me ask you this. Think of a hobby you enjoy. How good at it are you? There are things that I like to do that I am okay at. There are things that I like to do that I am really good at. And then there are things that I just can’t seem to get. I seem to enjoy doing the things I am really good at just a little bit more than the things that give me a ton of trouble, simply because the frustration isn’t there. The first time I picked up a handgun, the thing frustrated the heck out of me. I was so bad and I wanted to stop forever. However, after finishing a Four Day Self Defense Handgun Training Course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada, I really enjoyed shooting and seeing just how close to the center of the target I could get.

If you are one of those people that likes to shoot guns as a hobby, or if you wish you were one of those people, you should think about attending one of Front Sight’s gun training course. Even if you have never touched a gun in your entire life, Front Sight can help you. My first day at Front Sight was my first time handling a handgun. If I can improve the way that I did, anyone can.

Founded and directed by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight is the perfect gun training school for anyone wanting to learn how to shoot a gun well, whether that person is just learning or has had decades of experience. If you are a complete beginner, Ignatius Piazza will teach you how to handle a gun safely, how to diagnose and correct gun malfunctions and how to shoot more accurately than the guys with tons of gun training and shooting experience, among many other things. You will be challenged in ways that will keep your mind alert and on the ball. You will participate in self defense drills and shooting competitions. Sound intimidating? Don’t worry. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training for beginners at Front Sight will take you through everything, step by step, until you feel comfortable moving on to the next. You will move quickly, but never too fast for you to handle. You will leave Front Sight a better shooter than ninety nine percent of the gun owning population. Think you might enjoy shooting after that?

If you are an advanced shooter, Front Sight’s gun training will help you whittle your shooting skills into a perfect masterpiece. You will learn how to shoot faster and more accurately than ever before, just by tweaking a few things about your shooting technique. You will become more comfortable with your gun than you ever have been before, and will emerge the cream of the crop. After attending Front Sight as an advanced shooter, your whole perspective on shooting will change and you will enjoy it more than you ever dreamed.

Guns are great tools for self defense, but if used very safely, can also be a wonderful hobby. Come to Front Sight and let Ignatius Piazza teach you how to enjoy your favorite hobby even more.

Bored With Reality Shows? Check Out Front Sight Challenge!

July 25th, 2011

Have you noticed that reality shows are huge these days? Whether people are gossiping about relationships, racing around the world or singing their lungs out on stage, America has gone crazy for reality television shows. I have to confess, I am not really a fan. I get bored! Sadly, I don’t think I am alone in that frame of mind. However, I have found one reality show that actually interests me. It is super exciting. If you know me, you probably will not be surprised. It involves guns. Really awesome guns and lightning speed shooting.

It is called Front Sight Challenge and when it first came out I was astonished. Here’s the scoop. Each episode, four contestants compete to be the best shooter. Through speed, accuracy and pressure challenges, the contestants have to push their limits to make sure that they shoot perfectly every single time… no matter how little time they are given. Okay, so you have probably seen shooting competitions before. No big whoop, right? No! Big, big whoop! This show is awesome! Besides the insane shooting challenges, the thing that is especially cool about Front Sight Challenge is who competes.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza created this great reality show to excite an audience. In turn, Front Sight Challenge also proves the legitimacy of Front Sight’s gun training courses. Why? Because the four contestants include two professional shooters, such as a member of SWAT, a detective or a military professional, and two students of Front Sight with other professions. These Front Sight student contestants include lawyers, engineers and homemakers… basically, people who definitely have not been training with guns for years, and who positively don’t use them on a regular basis. All they have backing them up is their Front Sight gun training from Ignatius Piazza.

Some of these competitions end up with the professional gun handlers on top, but not all. I tell you, it is really mind blowing to see how well these average Front Sight students do in such an intense shooting competition against people who shoot guns every day of their lives. It just goes to show how good Front Sight’s gun training is. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training courses really work!

Interested in seeing this? Wondering if I’m talking smack to you or if Front Sight’s training is actually that good? Just go to Front Sight’s website and click on Front Sight Challenge. You can watch a preview and the episodes for FREE. I am just warning you, though… when you click on any episode, be prepared to watch the whole thing. You are not going to want to turn it off. I know; it is a reality show. But it is a GOOD reality show. If you like guns, competitions, seeing people be put to the ultimate test, excitement, contestants talking trash to each other, impressive shooting, brutal challenges or are just plain curious as to how great Front Sight’s gun training really is, you will want to check out Front Sight Challenge. This is a challenge you definitely want to be a part of.

Front Sight: Yeah, We Teach That

May 16th, 2011

If you have gotten gun training in the past, are you confident in your shooting skills and abilities? You may think you are a pretty good shooter, but let me ask you a few questions.

Do you know more about guns and shooting a gun than ninety nine percent of the gun owning population?
Can you present a weapon from a concealed holster, aim AND shoot on target within 1.5 seconds?
Can you shoot accurately while standing in little to no lighting?
Can you diagnose and repair a Type 3 malfunction of your gun in six seconds or less?
Do you know what at Type 3 malfunction is?
Can you recognize a threat before it happens?
Do you know how to save a hostage that is being held at gunpoint?
Do you know how to handle multiple attackers at once?
Can you win a shooting competition?
Do you know where to shoot and how many times to shoot an attacker to be compliant with the court system and protect yourself in a court of law?
Do you know how to prevent an attack?
Do you know how to prevent yourself from having to use a gun?

If you answered, “Yes!” to all of these questions, I’d be willing to bet you likely got your gun training from Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada. Front Sight, located about an hour away from Las Vegas, is the world’s best place to receive gun training of any kind. As a student of Ignatius Piazza, you will learn ALL of the things listed above, AND tons of other stuff, as well. By the end of your first self defense gun training course from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight, you will have the shooting skills and abilities that surpass ninety nine percent of the gun owning population. Yes, I said after your FIRST gun training course. Just a few days with Dr. Ignatius Piazza will change your shooting completely.

If you are like most Front Sight students, one gun training course is just the beginning. Front Sight is so interesting, so exciting, so educational and so fun that people often go back time and time again for more time with Ignatius Piazza and his team of highly trained gun training professional instructors. Front Sight becomes somewhat of a hobby to many people because they have such a great time there. On top of having a blast, Front Sight teaches students so much about shooting and gun training that it is pretty much unfathomable. I was greatly taken aback my first time at Front Sight.

If you can’t answer yes to all of those questions listed above, I strongly urge you to take a look at Front Sight’s website and see just what Ignatius Piazza can do for you. Before you know it, you could be shooting better than law enforcement and military personnel, and all it will take is a few short days with the amazing Front Sight gun training instructors.