Gun Training Personalized to How You Learn Best

November 28th, 2012

Whenever I am trying to learn a new skill, like when I am getting trained at a new job, taking a dance lesson or trying to get better with my guitar playing, I know that I learn best by doing. I learn best by doing because I am a kinesthetic learner. I need hands on training in order for me to really get a concept and to remember what I learned.

Some people learn by seeing. These people are called visual learners. If Bob is a visual learner, he needs to see someone perform a task in order to learn it. If Bob sees someone do task A, Bob will be more likely to understand and remember how to perform task A himself. I can get something out of visual learning; it definitely helps strengthen what I learn through kinesthetic learning, but visual learning alone is not enough for me. For some people, however, this is all they need and kinesthetic learning is totally unnecessary.

Other people learn by hearing. Auditory learners can listen to someone explain how a task is done and then are usually able to do the task themselves. To me, personally, this type of learning is like trying to squeeze pennies out of a paper dollar… it can be done, technically, if you go to the bank or find someone that has change for a dollar, but it doesn’t come easily and will have to be redone every time a new task needs doing (or a new dollar needs to turn into pennies). Some other people thrive on this type of learning.

It has been shown a number of times that no matter what type of learner you are, you can benefit from aspects of all of them, with some exceptions, of course. A combination of the three types of learning is the best bet when trying to learn something, especially something really important. So what qualifies as something really important? How about something that could save your life, and if done improperly, could be fatal? I am talking about gun training. There is no question about it; guns can be dangerous and threatening IF YOU DON’T USE THEM PROPERLY. It is vital that if you are going to use a gun, you learn how to safely use it by getting the best gun training you can find, like the gun training offered by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada. If you get this gun training, guns can be a tool of self defense and can save your life.

The gun training provided by Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight combines all three forms of learning, so students get the best possible learning experience suited to each individual’s needs. Ignatius Piazza combines gun training lectures for the auditory learners, exciting shooting demonstrations for the visual learners, and intense hands on gun training for the kinesthetic learners, to help create an environment that will provide the greatest understanding and the highest memory retention. With this recipe for success, students of Front Sight learn more, understand more and keep more in their memories than students of other gun training schools.

Front Sight Caters to Your Learning Style

May 24th, 2012

How do you learn best? I learn best by doing, putting me in the kinesthetic learning category. Some of my friends learn by seeing, making them visual learners. Other friends learn by hearing, making them audio learners. Some people combine two or three of the learning styles to learn and retain information. I have found that the best possible way for most people to absorb the most information is to incorporate a bit of each of the three main learning styles. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the gun training school in Pahrump, Nevada, uses all three learning styles to train students, which greatly increases the learning curve. This is just one of the many reasons that Front Sight is the best gun training school around. They can cater to anyone’s personal learning style, no matter how that certain student learns best.

For audio learners, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight, has put together interesting lectures to include in his gun training program. The gun training lectures include important information, such as gun safety, how to choose a gun, how to prepare for the emotional aspect of using a gun for self defense, how to handle the legal side of using a gun and many, many more topics. While audio learners get a great amount of information out of the Front Sight lectures, so do people that learn differently. I have a very short attention span when it comes to lectures. Seriously, I was the kid in class that sat with my lap top, acting like I was taking notes, but I was really on Facebook and instant messaging my friends. However, in my first gun training course at Front Sight, I was wide eyed and open eared. The Front Sight gun training lectures not only kept my interest… I actually looked forward to them. Ignatius Piazza did a phenomenal job putting together the Front Sight lectures.

For visual learners, Ignatius Piazza included gun training demonstrations in his program at Front Sight. Here, gun training instructors show students how to use a gun for self defense and how NOT to use a gun, in order to fully explain gun safety and how a gun should be properly handled. I found the demonstrations at Front Sight to be awe inspiring. They definitely helped me understand how things should and should not be done, which was reflected in my shooting. I know that I would not have gotten the results that I did without the Front Sight demonstrations.

For kinesthetic learners like me, Ignatius Piazza included tons of shooting range time, so students could really get a feel for how a gun is supposed to feel in a number of different situations. Practicing shooting in a safe and controlled environment, while using scenario based training to help students learn how to handle difficult situations, like gun malfunctions or having multiple attackers, had an intense effect on my gun training experience. I got to shoot more at Front Sight than I thought I ever would in a gun training course, which made me more and more comfortable using the gun. In turn, I became a MUCH better shooter.

Front Sight is great for many reasons, but the way the gun training curriculum is put together really sticks out. Front Sight is the best place to receive gun training, no matter how you learn best.

What I Learned at Front Sight

April 25th, 2011

For four days, I watched my life change right in front of my eyes. I sat in lecture halls with open eyes and ears… for once, I was not tuning out an instructor. I asked questions and got better answers than I expected. I learned how to protect myself and my family. I shot a gun. I hit the bullseye on targets… a lot. I scared off intruders. I helped other people learn. I shot a target I could barely see. I fixed gun malfunctions in seconds. I diagnosed and fixed gun malfunctions without being able to see the gun. I pulled a gun from a concealed holster and was ready to shoot before someone could count to one. I saved hostages. Where was I and how did I get to do something as cool as this?

I was at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the world’s best place to get any kind of gun training. And I did way more than I listed above. Those were just some of the highlights. Founded and directed by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute provides the highest quality of self defense gun training that anyone can find. The gun training instructors teach students literally everything about gun training, including (but not limited to):

  • How to choose a gun
  • How to decide whether or not to shoot
  • How to avoid shooting
  • Gun safety
  • Balancing shooting speed and accuracy
  • Protecting yourself and your family
  • How to handle home invasions
  • How to walk through doors correctly
  • How to save hostages
  • How to shoot in little to no lighting
  • How to diagnose and repair gun malfunctions
  • How to perform an emergency reload in the middle of a gun fight
  • How to predict threats
  • How to present your weapon from a concealed holster, aim and shoot within 1.5 seconds
  • How to handle law enforcement
  • How to deal with the legal and emotional side of weapon use
  • How to defend yourself from multiple attackers

I learned ALL of this and then some… in four days. Somehow, Ignatius Pizza and his gun training instructors pack tons of information into each day without overwhelming students or moving too quickly. Each Front Sight student gets personal attention from a professional gun training instructor and has the chance to help with another student’s training, increasing the amount of information that is retained in his or her mind. Front Sight’s incredible gun training program consists of interesting lectures, fascinating shooting demonstrations and exciting hands on tactical gun training that will get your heart pumping and your mind alert, while keeping your body cool and relaxed.

So how did I get to attend the world’s greatest gun training school? Something like Ignatius Piazza’s program has got to cost someone an arm, a leg AND their first born child, right? Nah. I simply took advantage of one of Ignatius Piazza’s incredible gun training deals that he offers periodically and spent next to nothing on my gun training. Keep on a lookout for Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza’s next awesome deal!