Gun Training For Safety; Gun Training For Sport?

October 30th, 2012

Some people want gun training to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones. Some people want gun training because they see shooting as a really awesome sport and they think it is fun to go to the range or to the desert and shoot some clay pigeons. Some people want gun training just because it is considered “cool” to be able to shoot a gun well. Where do you stand?

I can tell you that my fiancee and I have completely different views on shooting. He shoots for sport. I see guns as tools of self defense. He has been shooting nearly his entire life. I only somewhat recently picked up a gun for the first time. To him, he learned how to use a gun for fun, shooting at the range and competing with his friends. Being able to use a gun for self defense comes after that and only as a result of having a great knowledge base from years of practice. To me, I learned how to use a gun in order to keep myself safe. Using a gun at the range is merely practice time for me, so I can be better prepared should I have to use a gun for self defense.

So who is right?

We are both First Family Members at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada. I can tell you that I believe that neither of us is wrong; we both just have different views of the main point of gun training. What we don’t disagree on is that gun training is important. VERY important. This is why we both chose to purchase Front Sight memberships.

Front Sight, which was founded, and is now directed, by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, is the world’s greatest place to receive gun training of any kind. Whether you want to learn how to use a gun for sport or for self defense, Front Sight is the best possible place you can get your gun training.

It is crucial to know that no matter why you shoot, gun safety is the number one most important aspect of any sort of gun training or shooting practice, and Front Sight provides the best quality gun safety training you can get. Safety is the highest priority at Front Sight, so you can always feel safe. If you want to learn how to shoot a gun as a self defense tool, Ignatius Piazza can provide you with the world’s best self defense gun training, teaching you how to protect your loved ones and yourself from single or multiple attackers in a variety of situations. If you like shooting for fun and you just want to be the best shooter you can possibly be, Ignatius Piazza’s gun training courses are a fun and safe way to get the skills you have always dreamed of having.

When it comes down to it, he and I have different view of why we get gun training. However, we strongly agree about where to get our gun training, and that is with Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

Front Sight Caters to Your Learning Style

May 24th, 2012

How do you learn best? I learn best by doing, putting me in the kinesthetic learning category. Some of my friends learn by seeing, making them visual learners. Other friends learn by hearing, making them audio learners. Some people combine two or three of the learning styles to learn and retain information. I have found that the best possible way for most people to absorb the most information is to incorporate a bit of each of the three main learning styles. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the gun training school in Pahrump, Nevada, uses all three learning styles to train students, which greatly increases the learning curve. This is just one of the many reasons that Front Sight is the best gun training school around. They can cater to anyone’s personal learning style, no matter how that certain student learns best.

For audio learners, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight, has put together interesting lectures to include in his gun training program. The gun training lectures include important information, such as gun safety, how to choose a gun, how to prepare for the emotional aspect of using a gun for self defense, how to handle the legal side of using a gun and many, many more topics. While audio learners get a great amount of information out of the Front Sight lectures, so do people that learn differently. I have a very short attention span when it comes to lectures. Seriously, I was the kid in class that sat with my lap top, acting like I was taking notes, but I was really on Facebook and instant messaging my friends. However, in my first gun training course at Front Sight, I was wide eyed and open eared. The Front Sight gun training lectures not only kept my interest… I actually looked forward to them. Ignatius Piazza did a phenomenal job putting together the Front Sight lectures.

For visual learners, Ignatius Piazza included gun training demonstrations in his program at Front Sight. Here, gun training instructors show students how to use a gun for self defense and how NOT to use a gun, in order to fully explain gun safety and how a gun should be properly handled. I found the demonstrations at Front Sight to be awe inspiring. They definitely helped me understand how things should and should not be done, which was reflected in my shooting. I know that I would not have gotten the results that I did without the Front Sight demonstrations.

For kinesthetic learners like me, Ignatius Piazza included tons of shooting range time, so students could really get a feel for how a gun is supposed to feel in a number of different situations. Practicing shooting in a safe and controlled environment, while using scenario based training to help students learn how to handle difficult situations, like gun malfunctions or having multiple attackers, had an intense effect on my gun training experience. I got to shoot more at Front Sight than I thought I ever would in a gun training course, which made me more and more comfortable using the gun. In turn, I became a MUCH better shooter.

Front Sight is great for many reasons, but the way the gun training curriculum is put together really sticks out. Front Sight is the best place to receive gun training, no matter how you learn best.

Gun Training to Save Your Life

August 6th, 2011

In 1988, a successful chiropractor had his life twist turned upside down. His business was doing well and he had a family to love and protect. He worked hard at everything he did, and as a result, he seemed to have the Midas touch. But then suddenly, in the stillness of the night, his world was ripped into by a few flying bullets. It was that night that the random drive by shooting shook Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s world. He was hit, luckily not physically with bullets, but those bullets struck deep inside his psyche and hit a nerve that opened his eyes to a realization that will sit with him for a lifetime.

At the time, Ignatius Piazza owned guns and knew how to use them. He was a pretty good shot and knew how to handle a gun safely. But the realization that he came to was that his guns were useless… because he did not know how to use them in a life threatening situation. He did not know how to use a gun to save his family. He did not know how to use a gun to save his own life. Basically, he knew how to use a gun except in the one time that it was actually important: to defend a life.

He began studying about self defense and guns and began getting some gun training. He found it difficult to find a gun training school that was really, really good, though. Some gun training schools had this, but they lacked that. Some had that, but they lacked this. Some just didn’t have this or that. But somehow, through hard work, time, research and a ton of dedication, Ignatius Piazza got the gun training he needed to be proficient. He knew how to effectively use a gun for self defense. Since Ignatius Piazza had done a huge amount of gun training and shooting practice, he knew the work that would be required of someone if that person wanted to get the same level of gun training he had. Given the sub par gun training schools that were out there, it was going to be difficult for just about anyone. He also worried that people would attend a gun training school that claimed to be “good” and they would end up with so-so gun training. Or worse, what if they ended up with ineffective gun training? That would leave them THINKING they had been trained well… thus, putting them in danger. Ignatius Piazza did not like this thought. So, the philanthropist decided that he wanted to pave the way for others and make it easier to secure the most effective gun training around.

He trained more and more and ended up earning himself a Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate, meaning he was, quite literally, one of the best shooters in the world. And then, in 1996, Ignatius Piazza opened the doors to his very own gun training school, called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, where people could go to get the best gun training they could possibly find. Today, Front Sight offers tens of thousands of students levels of gun training that surpass the levels of military and law enforcement training. Once you attend a Front Sight gun training course, you will realize that Front Sight is better than the other gun training schools out there. Simply put, Front Sight has this AND that.