Trip of a Lifetime: Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

October 26th, 2011

Next time you want to take a trip, why not head somewhere fun, exciting, educational and life changing? I am talking about taking a gun training course from Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza at his gun training school called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute about an hour outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Front Sight just may open your eyes to a world you may have never known, change your life and improve your level of everyday safety.

Front Sight is educational. At Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, you will learn gun safety and everything you need to know about handling a weapon for self defense. You will learn things that may have never crossed your mind, no matter how much gun training experience you have under your belt. Everyone, from beginner shooters to advanced shooters, can learn from Ignatius Piazza and his team of professionally trained gun training instructors. After one gun training course at Front Sight, you can have shooting skills that surpass those of ninety nine percent of the gun owning population… even if you were a complete beginner to start.

Front Sight is fun. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute practices lots of hands on tactical training. Meaning that while other gun training schools will tell you to have fifty to a hundred bullets for your day of gun training, Front Sight’s instructors will tell you to have a hundred fifty. For before lunch. The more you shoot your gun in a safe and controlled environment, the more comfortable you get with your weapon. The more comfortable you are shooting, the better shooter you can become. Once you start at Front Sight, you will also realize that the more you shoot, the more fun you have. Since you will shoot a lot at Front Sight, you are going to have tons of fun.

Front Sight is exciting. In your gun training courses at Front Sight, you are going to do a bunch of things you would not get to do at other gun training schools. Ignatius Piazza and the Front Sight gun training instructors are going to set you up with awesome drills and experiences like a home invasion scenario where you get to go through a house, save the good guys and get rid of the bad guys, night gun training and even a shooting competition. Where else are you going to get gun training like that?

Front Sight is life changing. At Front Sight, Ignatius Piazza will teach you how to save lives, how to defend yourself and how to offer family protection. You will be safer, more confident and more aware of your surroundings. You will leave Front Sight a different person than you once were. It happened to me; Front Sight changed my life completely. My first trip to Front Sight for a Four Day Defensive Handgun Training Course is one of my favorite trips that I have ever taken.

Who doesn’t want to take a trip that can educate and change lives, especially when that trip involves tons of fun and excitement? Front Sight is waiting to offer you all of those things. It is time for a trip of a lifetime!

What I Learned at Front Sight

April 25th, 2011

For four days, I watched my life change right in front of my eyes. I sat in lecture halls with open eyes and ears… for once, I was not tuning out an instructor. I asked questions and got better answers than I expected. I learned how to protect myself and my family. I shot a gun. I hit the bullseye on targets… a lot. I scared off intruders. I helped other people learn. I shot a target I could barely see. I fixed gun malfunctions in seconds. I diagnosed and fixed gun malfunctions without being able to see the gun. I pulled a gun from a concealed holster and was ready to shoot before someone could count to one. I saved hostages. Where was I and how did I get to do something as cool as this?

I was at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the world’s best place to get any kind of gun training. And I did way more than I listed above. Those were just some of the highlights. Founded and directed by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute provides the highest quality of self defense gun training that anyone can find. The gun training instructors teach students literally everything about gun training, including (but not limited to):

  • How to choose a gun
  • How to decide whether or not to shoot
  • How to avoid shooting
  • Gun safety
  • Balancing shooting speed and accuracy
  • Protecting yourself and your family
  • How to handle home invasions
  • How to walk through doors correctly
  • How to save hostages
  • How to shoot in little to no lighting
  • How to diagnose and repair gun malfunctions
  • How to perform an emergency reload in the middle of a gun fight
  • How to predict threats
  • How to present your weapon from a concealed holster, aim and shoot within 1.5 seconds
  • How to handle law enforcement
  • How to deal with the legal and emotional side of weapon use
  • How to defend yourself from multiple attackers

I learned ALL of this and then some… in four days. Somehow, Ignatius Pizza and his gun training instructors pack tons of information into each day without overwhelming students or moving too quickly. Each Front Sight student gets personal attention from a professional gun training instructor and has the chance to help with another student’s training, increasing the amount of information that is retained in his or her mind. Front Sight’s incredible gun training program consists of interesting lectures, fascinating shooting demonstrations and exciting hands on tactical gun training that will get your heart pumping and your mind alert, while keeping your body cool and relaxed.

So how did I get to attend the world’s greatest gun training school? Something like Ignatius Piazza’s program has got to cost someone an arm, a leg AND their first born child, right? Nah. I simply took advantage of one of Ignatius Piazza’s incredible gun training deals that he offers periodically and spent next to nothing on my gun training. Keep on a lookout for Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza’s next awesome deal!

Want More From Your Gun Training?

September 26th, 2010

Have you taken one of the boldest, smartest and most exciting steps toward your future of safety yet? I am talking about participating in one of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute’s famous self defense gun training courses. Front Sight offers world class gun training by way of handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training and automatic weapons training, at affordable prices and on convenient schedules. Attending Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is a step that tens of thousands of law abiding citizens take each year, and their lives are always changed for the better. Founder and director, Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, offers high quality gun training and self defense training for those people who are serious about getting safe and keeping their families safe.

So, what if you have attended Front Sight a few times and have successfully completed Ignatius Piazza’s 4-Day Handgun Training, 4-Day Shotgun Training and/or his 4-Day Rifle Training Courses? Should you take the course or the courses again? Many people opt to! Students claim that Front Sight is so helpful and so much fun that they love returning to the gun training school and retaking the courses. I have been asked why people spend the money and take a course again. The line goes something like, “If you have already taken the course, you know everything that there is to know. Therefore, you do not actually need it again.” Well, how many times have you seen your favorite movie? Is it exciting each time you see it? Do you catch more lines and tiny tidbits every time? Do you remember more when you watch a movie three times or when you watch it once? Students of Ignatius Piazza see it this way. Every time they attend a Front Sight course, they have fun and learn new and exciting things. They pick up on things that they may have missed before. And their memory retention grows. These are just a few reasons why thousands of Front Sight Students participate in the Lifetime Membership Deals at Front Sight.

But what if you really just want something new and something to exaggerate your progress in the gun training world? Dr. Ignatius Piazza has created a continuation course called the 2-Day Tactical Scenarios. This is the course for students who have already completed the above listed courses and want to get even more skilled at facing real life dangerous scenarios. This course combines handgun training, shotgun training and rifle training. Students are able to use any weapon they have trained with at Front Sight and received a Graduate Certificate for.

This course is extreme and lifelike while remaining completely safe. It is described as being “as close to real gunfighting as anyone can make it without getting physically hurt.” Front Sight’s Tactical Scenarios Course will have you ready for absolutely anything in just two days! This course is going to be available to the public sooner than you think, so now is the time to apply! If you have not attended one of Front Sight’s 4-Day gun training courses and you wish to take advantage of this new and exciting opportunity, give Front Sight a call and come on in so you can be sure to have the prerequisites met before registration fills up!