Get Serious About Self Defense

March 24th, 2010

When it comes time for you to get some serious self defense skills, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada is the best bet. Called Front Sight for short, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute was started in April of 1996 and has now grown to be the number one gun training school in the world. Why? Front Sight has become the best place in the world to receive gun training for more than one reason. First, the obvious: Front Sight provides the best quality gun training that money can buy. The well rounded gun training program teaches students everything they need to know about gun training. Each gun training course concentrates first and foremost on gun safety and also covers things like proper shooting stance, how to hit moving targets and how to disarm multiple attackers. Front Sight’s intense gun training programs are geared toward students of all levels, from beginners to beyond advanced, so anyone can gain from attending a course.

Developed by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight caters to the differences of people. Not everyone wants to learn about the same type of gun, which is why Ignatius Piazza designed gun training courses for handgun training, automatic weapons training, rifle training and shotgun training. If students want to further their gun training education, continuation courses like night gun training and CCW Permit training are also added to Front Sight’s menu of courses. The staff at Front Sight goes above and beyond the call of duty and provide not only excellent customer service, but also a family atmosphere to make Ignatius Piazza’s students feel safe, comfortable and accepted. Carefully selected, Ignatius Piazza’s executive assistants are knowledgeable in every area of gun training, helpful, extremely friendly and answer questions quickly and completely. No student, prospective student, friend of a Front Sight student or random caller are treated poorly, negligently or are unsuccessful in their search for answers. Ignatius Piazza’s team of gun training instructors provide high quality gun training with no boot camp like attitudes. Front Sight instructors are very adamant about gun safety and not goofing off, but they teach in a way that is kindhearted, nonjudgmental and encouraging. Students are challenged but provided with a very safe and fun environment.

Front Sight has a way with students. Whether the student is excited and ready to jump into gun training or completely apprehensive, Ignatius Piazza and the Front Sight staff provide the best possible state for that student. The well designed gun training program and highly trained staff are great with newcomers and seasoned patrons, alike. It is a place where people who have never seen a gun in real life can bond with people who have used guns for their entire lives and not be judged.

It is for reasons like these that Ignatius Piazza can say that Front Sight has at least doubled every year since its opening almost fourteen years ago. When the word of Front Sight gets out, there is literally no stopping it.

Front Sight on the Phone

March 19th, 2010

There are okay companies. There are good companies. And then there are companies that just astound you in every possible way. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the gun training school near Las Vegas, Nevada, is definitely one of those places that fits in the third category. A lot of companies have a great product that is worth the investment, but when it comes to something like their customer service, consumers are pulled away or left feeling unfulfilled. At Front Sight, everything down to the small details is carefully planned and perfected, so that you, as a customer or student, can be enthusiastically satisfied with your total experience, not just one or two parts of it.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight, created an exceptional product. He offers top quality gun training courses at affordable prices, so students can learn how to use a gun for self defense, how to protect their families and loved ones and how to escape life threatening situations in the quickest possible manner. Ignatius Piazza also teaches more intensive gun training courses like combat gun training and competitive gun training, so that people that are familiar with guns can further their gun handling skills and really be ready for anything. But besides having the best shotgun training, rifle training, automatic weapons training, handgun training and night gun training courses in the whole world, Front Sight also offers something that many gun training schools out there just do not: a staff that actually tries hard AND cares.

You may hear it a lot. Such and such company has awesome customer service! But do you ever truly believe it until you either see it for yourself or hear real life examples of why they are so wonderful? Let me tell you my first Front Sight staff experience, and then maybe you, as a reader, will begin to understand one of the reasons I love and support Front Sight Firearms Training Institute so much. I had a question regarding something about gun training at Front Sight, so I called. The phone rang ONCE before it was pleasantly answered. The first thing I noticed about Front Sight? I didn’t have to wait while the phone rang seventeen times, and I didn’t have to leave a message. Anyway, the man on the phone was able to immediately put me at ease and feel like I was a long time customer, just in the way he talked. He answered my question thoroughly and easily, and then we hung up. I had another question for the Front Sight guy, so I called back. Let me tell you, Ignatius Piazza really knows how to pick his staff. Again, the man on the other end of the phone was intelligent and responsive. We hung up. I think this process happened two or three more times, because I was definitely that annoying person that kept having questions and concerns, yet every time, the Front Sight guy wowed me with his knowledgeable answers and calming tone of voice. It was obvious he loved working for Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight.

Now let me ask you this. If I had had a poor experience with the guy on the phone, the first voice of Front Sight I had ever heard, would I have the same view of the gun training school overall? Nope. As customers, we know that it is more than just the product that counts. At Front Sight, everything matters, even the small stuff.

Gun Training From Ignatius Piazza – The Better Choice

March 18th, 2010

You have come to the conclusion that you should learn self defense. You know it is always a great thing to feel and be safe, right? Right. But what should you do about it? Where do you start? The local adult school near your house offers martial arts for beginners. But who teaches it? Probably some guy who knows a little bit about a few forms of self defense and can probably win in a one on one altercation, but does he know how to disarm and disable a gang of oncoming attackers in a quick and swift manner? There is a school for Karate down the street from your house. But do you really want to take a self defense training course amidst a bunch of ten year olds? And how much do you actually learn in one class? Maybe a move or two, but after attending one class, would you be able to defend yourself from an attack? Your neighbor says he knows how to shoot a gun and can teach you. But is he a Four Weapons Combat Master? Can he draw his gun, aim, shoot and HIT his moving target in less than two seconds? Now you are back at square one. Where do you go from here? Don’t you wish someone would just tell you something life changing so you don’t have to keep searching unsuccessfully?

Actually, now that you are reading this, you have already safely made it to square two. This is the article that you have been hoping to find. I have found a self defense training school that will teach you anything and everything that you need and want to know about self defense training. They have every kind of self defense training you can want: all kind of gun training, including rifle training, shotgun training, automatic weapons training and handgun training; other weapons training such as knife training; empty hands self defense training; and specialty self defense training courses such as gun training for women and night gun training. It is, hands down, the best gun training and self defense training you can find, and you don’t have to share your classroom with a bunch of people one fourth your age. (There are separate child safety training and youth safety training courses!) Not only that, but after you leave your first self defense gun training course, you will have gun handling techniques that surpass ninety nine percent of the gun owning population. One reason for this is that the gun training school, called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, is headed up by a real Four Weapons Combat Master – yeah, one of the handful of men in the world who can actually say they passed that excruciating exam runs Front Sight! Dr. Ignatius Piazza is the man who has your answers. He, at this moment, has a great gun training offer for you if you really want to change your life for the better. Just check out Front Sight’s website or give one of Ignatius Piazza’s executive assistants a call and you will be at square three. Then all you need to do is attend your amazing gun training course or self defense training course with Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight and you will never again be back at square one.

Gun Training – Save Lives; Look Awesome

March 15th, 2010

Everyone wants to be set apart from the rest of the crowd. People often learn special skills to up their social stature or to impress certain people. Take a typical group of friends and you usually have at least of of each of these: the artist, the musician, the athlete, the Jeopardy whiz, the guy who can make anyone laugh. Sure, all these skills are great to have, but how many of them can actually change someone’s life, unless they go professional? Even more so, how many of these skills can actually save a life? Maybe in movies the Jeopardy guy can get out of a robbery by outsmarting the burglar, or the the joker can say something witty that will put his attacker at bay, but do these things really happen in real life? Sadly, no. Well, at least very, very rarely. So what is a skill to have that is fun, interesting, will impress people AND can help you save lives? Set yourself apart from everyone else in your own special way by getting amazing gun training from Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada. What? Gun training? Why?

There are a few reasons why gun training is a good idea. First, using a gun is a great form of self defense. Proper gun training, like the gun training offered at Front Sight, provides safety and security, as well as a sense of confidence and well being. Criminals do not typically like to attack people who have a gun and have had gun training because their chances of success are greatly reduced. When paired with a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, you will be prepared at all times to protect yourself from any life threatening attack, no matter where you are. When you have your weapon on your person, there is no running to the other room to get it when a burglar enters your house. A mugger is not going to wait while you jet over to your car to grab your gun. You will have it on you, right then. In less than two seconds, you can have your gun out and ready for action. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training school offers superior gun training AND a CCW Permit course that will knock your boots off! Also, Front Sight’s gun training will protect your loved ones. You will be able to offer family protection and keep your friends safe from attacks. For example, if someone were to attack your wife, with your gun training experience at Front Sight, you will be able to help her escape safely. Literally, no criminal will stand a chance against you after you take a self defense gun training course at Front Sight with Ignatius Piazza!

These reasons alone can set you apart from the rest of the world. But here is the added bonus that comes along with gun training from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight. Just think of the look on your friends faces when you casually mention going shooting at the range and then hit the bullseye – every time. So, here’s to saving lives AND looking awesome while you’re at it!

Where You Are Today Can Change By Monday!

March 12th, 2010

How would you feel if you could have the time of your life and gain gun handling skills that overshadow ninety nine percent of the gun owning population? How would you like to attend a financially risk free gun training course, taught by the best gun training instructors in the world? Does it interest you to learn how to use a gun for self defense or competitive shooting? Would it excite you to learn how to save a life in 1.5 seconds? Sound interesting? What if I told you that you could accomplish all of these things in one weekend’s time? Now THAT sounds interesting. World famous Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers students the opportunity to succeed in all of these areas, and then some, with its amazing gun training program, taught by experienced gun training professionals. Front Sight is a well balanced gun training school that teaches people of all levels how to safely and properly use a gun. Through riveting lectures, thorough and interesting gun handling demonstrations and exciting hands on tactical gun training, students of Front Sight learn things that other gun training schools miss, and grow not only in physical ability, but emotional strength as well. Even students that enter Front Sight complete beginners emerge from the weekend with incredible gun handling techniques and skills that surprise the masses.

Founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, practices great care when choosing his gun training instructors. The Front Sight team of instructors is among the best in the world, providing excellent gun training to students and ensuring the greatest progress. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training program is supported by people with every amount of past gun training, from purely beginners to gun shooting professionals, and everyone in between. James R. Eckburg, a retired United States Air Force Pilot supports Front Sight by saying, “I saw men, women and teenagers of all experience levels treated professionally with respect and having fun! All of the instructors were truly interested in the students’ skills, progress and safety. You cannot believe on Friday what you’ll be capable of by Monday.”

When it comes to gun training and self defense training, Front Sight is a sure thing. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training program is your best bet if you want to get quality gun training at affordable rates! It is especially convenient for people who want to learn how to stay safe and save lives but only have a limited amount of time. At Front Sight, all it takes is one weekend to gain skills and techniques that will astound you. The weekend with Ignatius Piazza is intense but fun, informative but extremely interesting, and challenging but highly rewarding. No boot camp like attitudes come along with the Front Sight instructors, so students are more likely to reap benefits, instead of being cut down. The gun training offered at Front Sight is truly second to none, and anyone can check out the hundreds of testimonials on Front Sight’s website to see just how much people have gotten out of it.