Keeping Your Family Safe: Front Sight

November 4th, 2011

Are you at home with your family one hundred percent of the time? Chances are, you are probably not. You are a busy person. You have to go to work, grocery shopping, possibly school or business trips, among other life activities. So who protects your wife and kids when you are not there?

Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada, urges you to get some Family Protection Training. With his self defense training and gun training courses, your family can stay safe forever. Ignatius Piazza is a husband and a father, and he knows what it is like to want to keep your family safe. He knows that your family’s safety is likely your number one priority. Therefore, it will also be Front Sight’s priority.

Summer is here and many families are planning their outings and vacations, but some of us really have no idea where to go. Where can you go that will please everyone in your whole family? No, I am not talking about Chuck E. Cheese’s; I am talking about taking your family to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Being super fun and incredibly educational, Front Sight is a great way to spend any family vacation.

Ignatius Piazza offers gun training and self defense training courses for everyone in your entire family. Adults can participate in any of Ignatius Piazza’s gun training courses, like Defensive Handgun Training, Practical Rifle Training, Tactical Shotgun Training and Automatic Weapons Training. Front Sight offers gun training for beginners, advanced gun training, gun training for women and gun training for men, so whatever your age or skill level is currently, Ignatius Piazza has a gun training course for you at Front Sight.

Teens can enroll in a teen gun training course at Front Sight, preparing them for not only using a gun for self defense in the real world, but how to avoid using a gun and protect themselves without weapons. Ignatius Piazza’s teen gun training instructors work hard at keeping teenagers interested in the lectures and demonstrations, while making sure they stay safe and have fun during the hands on tactical gun training portions. Front Sight knows that teens don’t always have the longest attention span, so Ignatius Piazza’s teen gun training courses put extra effort into keeping things interesting and exciting.

For your young ones, Ignatius Piazza offers youth safety training courses and child safety training courses. In these courses, your child will learn how to stay safe in tons of situations, how to avoid peer pressure, how to disarm an attacker and how to recognize potentially dangerous people. Your kids will get to learn through age appropriate, hands on training that will educate them and be fun for them.

Through Ignatius Piazza’s gun training and self defense training programs at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, you can be sure that your family will be and stay safe forever. Front Sight will teach everyone in your entire family how to protect themselves and how to protect each other… so they can be safe even when you are not there.

If I Can’t Have a Gun… Why Should I Get Gun Training?

January 16th, 2010

College campuses, unfortunately, are places that do not allow people to use weapons for self defense. However, college campuses are pretty much breeding grounds for attacks. Many schools have those brightly colored emergency phones, but really, how long do you think it takes for campus security to respond to a call? And what if you are not near one of those telephones in the first place? Are you just out of luck? You do not have to be, if you get self defense training from Dr. Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Even if you are not allowed to have a gun or a knife on a school campus, this does not mean that your attacker will not have one. Actually, chances are, they will be armed. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training and knife training courses teach you things like how to disarm your attacker. Once you have successfully taken your opponent’s weapon, you will be happy that you have received your knife training and gun training from Front Sight, because you will know just what to do to escape from the situation.

Ignatius Piazza, a Four Weapons Combat Master, knows a great deal of information about weapons and weapons training. His knife training and gun training courses are far superior to the courses at other gun training schools in the world. Courses like defensive handgun training, gun training for beginners and advanced gun training will prepare you to protect yourself at the time of an attack. You should be especially aware of your surroundings if you are a college student who takes night classes. Walking to your car alone in the dark with no self defense training is a prime way to end up a victim. Walking to your car alone in the dark when you have had gun training from Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight is a much better idea, as no attacker will stand a chance against you and your training. If your attacker is armed, as I said earlier, Front Sight’s weapons training will prepare you to disarm him and use HIS weapon for your own self defense. If you are lucky and he is unarmed, the courses at Front Sight will also benefit you, because you will learn self defense techniques that can be used whether or not you have a gun. The gun training at Front Sight is helpful, even in places where guns are banned!

Why let yourself be at risk? Why should you be afraid to walk alone to your car? Why allow someone to hurt you? You shouldn’t! You do not have to! Call Ignatius Piazza today and arrange for your gun training courses at Front Sight. You will be so happy that you called Front Sight when you see what great results you get. Ignatius Piazza will personally make sure that you get the best quality training possible, so that whenever you are in a sticky situation, you will have the advantage over your predator. If you are a college student, spend a weekend at Front Sight. It is so close to Las Vegas that you can be on the range during the day and on the strip at night. It is a great vacation for you and your friends! Check out Front Sight’s website today to see the gun training courses available. Don’t wait!

Gun Training for Regular Joes

January 9th, 2010

I consider myself a – somewhat – regular person. I am in my twenties, have a full time job and a part time job, friends, hobbies and other interests. Like you, I have dreams and goals for my life and expect to reach them. The last thing I want, as it is with many of us, is for those dreams to never be achieved, due to our lives getting cut short. I am a woman, so, naturally, I need to be aware of the people around me, as the mere fact of my gender puts me at risk for things like rape, robberies and murder. But I am a regular person – I don’t go out looking for trouble – nothing like that would ever happen to me, right?


Like me, you probably consider yourself a somewhat regular person. But please be aware that you do not have to be “out asking for it” to get attacked. Bad things happen to good people all the time, as sad as it is. Are you female? Your size, strength and gender puts you at risk for the things I listed above. You need to learn self defense techniques such as gun training and knife training to prepare you to handle those unfortunate situations. Are you male? Unfortunately, you are not off the hook. Sure, you are statistically less likely to be raped or things of the like, but that does not mean that it doesn’t happen. Take the story of Bobby M., for example. Bobby was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. It shocked him, and since he had never had any formal gun training or self defense training, he just ended up letting it happen. He later realized that he was lucky. It could have been worse. He had a wife and three kids at home, so if anything were to happen to him, where would they be? Bobby considers himself a regular person – and it happened to him. Don’t let something like this happen to you!

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the gun training school near Las Vegas, Nevada can give you that gun training that you need to protect yourself in situations like Bobby’s. Founder and director of Front Sight, Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, wants to get you armed and trained so that you never have to be a victim like this. Front Sight offers useful gun training courses like shotgun training, rifle training and handgun training, as well as specialized gun training courses like night gun training and personalized gun training. Everyone has different goals and ideas about what they want. Ignatius Piazza designed Front Sight to be a custom fit gun training program, just for you, so that you will get what YOU want and need out of it, not necessarily what someone else wants. Being the number one gun training school in the world, Front Sight will train you in self defense better than you have ever been trained before.

No matter how much you think, “That stuff will NEVER happen to me,” be aware that it is not an impossibility. Get yourself protected. Get yourself to Front Sight!