Millionaire Patriot

Ignatius Piazza

Dr. Ignatius Piazza is known as the "Millionaire Patriot" by the hundreds of thousands of students he has trained because during the last 12 years, Dr. Ignatius Piazza has provided tens of millions of dollars in free training and benefits to assist Americans and law-abiding citizens in securing what he refers to as the "Comfort of Skill at Arms."

As a Four Weapons Combat Master and the Founder and Director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, Ignatius Piazza is now training more students in a weekend than most shooting schools teach in an entire year. These are just some of the things that make Ignatius Piazza the Millionaire Patriot. He has the resources to really help restore the Second Amendment this lifetime. This Millionaire Patriot has donated millions of dollars in firearms training courses to numerous pro gun groups and organizations - some of which are listed on this website.

Ignatius Piazza wants all Americans and law-abiding citizens to have the ability to defend themselves. As the Millionaire Patriot, Ignatius Piazza is taking philanthropy and self defense to the next level by providing a Springfield Armory XD Pistol free of charge to those taking advantage of his Millionaire Patriot offer.

The Millionaire Patriot, Dr. Ignatius Piazza at the helm and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute doubling its firearms training influence every year, the image of gun ownership can be positively changed and the Second Amendment can be restored in our lifetimes to the gun owning freedom our forefathers fought and died to provide us.

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